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The Year of Living Halloween

Halloween is my favorite Holiday. Every year I throw a big costume party for my friends and family. I go all out, making creepy snacks, putting decorations up at the beginning of October, and making the day one to remember. I usually lead up to Halloween by having scary movie nights every weekend in October. I invite a few different friends each night, and then everyone gets together on All Hallow’s Eve itself.

The problem is, every year there are more and more Halloween-focused events that I want to attend. While this is awesome, it does leave less time for my own movie nights and parties. Last year on my Nov. 1st run of all the craft stores (best time to buy Halloween items on clearance), I thought about how sad it was that I had to wait a whole year to use the skull-shaped cupcake molds I had just put in my basket.

Well, actually, I could make them work for Cinco de mayo!

Wait, I’m thinking Day of the Dead. Which is the day after Halloween. Not quite spread out enough.

But skulls could be worked into a Cinco De Mayo Celebration. And Maybe for Valentine’s Day I could do a Zombie Prom!

After much inner monologuing, I had the brainstorm of all brainstorms. I could have a year of Halloween! At least one “Halloween” event each month! And by keeping Halloween in my head all year long, I would be in super-spooky-mode and throw my best Halloween party yet!

Once I got done with my bargain shopping, I went home and outlined my plan. Since I am about half-way through the year, I thought now would be a great time to share what I’ve done so far and what I’m planning to do. Maybe you’ll decide to do Monthly Halloweens too!


So I knew that I needed to whip something together for November. I couldn’t really see making Thanksgiving horror-themed, especially since I was spending it with some of the more timid members of my family. I briefly considered spoofing on Black Friday, but decided I wanted to veg after the holiday craziness, and I didn’t really want to be associated with that madness, even it was offering an alternative to shopping.

So I did what anyone in the Google Age would do. I searched “official national days” and found that November 18th is “Occult” Day. That was perfect! I decided to have a movie night featuring “Night of the Demon”, which offers some great insight into the 1950 view of the occult.


There was no way I could do anything for December except show “The Nightmare before Christmas”. I invited some girls over and we had a spooky pre-Christmas feast and watched the film, singing along to the songs of course.


Halloween isn’t just about horror, so I decided to use “Peculiar People” day on January 10th to celebrate the weirdness we all possess. A group of us dressed up to showcase what we felt to be our most peculiar trait, whether it be physical or character-based (I was a giant freckle). We sat in a circle and talked about what made each of us peculiar, and ended up discussing the beauty of uniqueness in individuals.


I had originally had the idea to throw a Zombie Plan for Valentine’s Day. Then I discovered that February 12th was National Plum Pudding Day. So I decided to combine the two, since I think plum pudding is a bit scary. This was kind of a big event. I talked to the people at my church and booked the fellowship room. I made a creepy/hilarious playlist, some plum pudding in brain molds, and asked everyone to come in their best upscale zombie attire. It was a hoot.


Leprechaun was one of the scariest movies of my childhood, mainly because I didn’t realize it was a horror film when I started to watch it. So, a St. Patrick’s movie night it was, complete with green white chocolate popcorn and some green food-colored adult beverages.

I haven’t completely planned the rest of the year yet, but here are my ideas so far:


I’m thinking to utilize the fun atmosphere of April Fool’s and have a costume day at work. The customers should enjoy the shock of walking in and seeing people in kooky costumes.


When I was in high school, Cinco de Mayo was a big deal. Vendors came out during lunch, lunch period classes were usually released, there were traditional dancers, and it was a giant party atmosphere. I miss that, so I’m going to throw some sort of Mexican-inspired feast, and make some sweet bread treats in those skull cupcake liners I got.


I can’t come up with inspiration. Suggestions? Leave ideas in the comments.


I’m going to take advantage of the weather and throw a pool party. Maybe we’ll watch Jaws.


Fall is coming up! I’m thinking a haunted camping trip might be fun, with some sort of murder mystery type game and story time by the campfire.


Oktoberfest! I don’t know if I’m going to host one of my own or attend a community event, but it will be a fun time! I love the food, drinks, and heritage of Oktoberfest.


The big day itself! I’m going to have decorations up by the first, and I’m thinking of hosting a month-long trick or treat for the neighbor’s kids. I might make up a scavenger hunt-type game and give them clues instead of candy every day. That way I won’t have as many upset parents to deal with.

Do you have any out-of-season Halloween plans?

Marie Sumner celebrates Halloween year-round. She makes a living writing about dressing up and is currently obsessed with pirate costumes at Wholesalehalloweencostumes, especially if they’re Johnny Depp-inspired.

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    June is when your garden grows, so there’s always Plants vs. Zombies!

  2. Well, it’s not helpful now, but June 4th is hug your cats day. You could do scary cats from Africa or something.
    Also, June 14th is Blood Donor day. That one speaks for itself.

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