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‘How to’ Halloween

If you’ve ever visited a serious Halloween fan’s home decorations and props, you may have asked yourself How did they do that? Well, be envious no more, for we have step-by-step Halloween crafts, projects, inspirational ideas and cool games to entertain those trick or treaters. Enjoy these articles, and be ready to have passersby asking How’d you do that?

How to Make a Cat-o-Lantern

Nothing says Halloween like a haunted black cat with glowing eyes! Make your own fun, spooky and frisky cat-o-lantern with this easy tutorial. You will certainly become “familiar” with your new assistant as part of your yard haunt this Halloween. Let’s get started!       Supplies Two pumpkins:  a …

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7 FREAKIEST Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween fads come and go, but one we’ve been seeing for the past three years or so has been a serious amping up of unique (and freaky!) makeup. Rather than having a bought (or craftily sewn) costume do the job, Halloween enthusiasts seek out makeup looks that keep pushing the …

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Make a Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

At my house with small children, we appreciate the whimsical as much as the creepy. It’s always a challenge to find Halloween decorations that fit both these criteria. Here’s one we came up with that was so simple – and so cheap! Using only dollar store items, you can make …

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How to Make Zombie Gingerbread Ornaments

gingerbread zombie

Inspiration for me comes from the strangest places … this year for Christmas I decided that I would make some lovely felted ornaments, in the shape of gingerbread men. Then I thought how cute it would be if the ornaments had “bite” marks in them; I had seen a set …

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Give a Figurine a Halloween Extreme Makeover!

Cute, innocent figurine revamped!

Looking for some Halloween decor? We always like to look for materials around the house and make our own. For this project, choose a ceramic or resin figurine with for your makeover – the more innocent looking, the better! If the piece has a glossy finish, you’ll need to coat …

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Hanging Halloween Votive Holders

Halloween Votive Holders

Dripping with ghoulish slime, these votive holders add spook to any Halloween setting. Hang from porch rafters or in tree branches in the front yard to help cast a creepy light over trick-or-treaters and party-goers. Look for inexpensive globe light covers at charity shops and home improvement resale stores like …

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Head in a Jar Halloween Prop

Complete Head in a Jar Halloween prop

Looking for a great new Halloween prop that hasn’t been done to death? Don’t lose your head – make this creepy decoration! Making a Head in a Jar prop is so easy, it’s almost scary – and the project won’t bust your Halloween budget. Read on to find out how …

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6 Creative Uses for Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween Pumpkin Cartoon Character coloring page

Halloween coloring pages offer a fun, simple and inexpensive way to keep children entertained for a few hours. Whimsical ghosts, goblins, and jack-o’-lantern grins can be fun to color or paint, and kids always love coloring activities and craft projects.  It’s possible to find free Halloween-themed coloring pages online, which …

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Advanced Pumpkin Carving Techniques

Are you tired of seeing the same old scary faces on every Jack O’ Lantern you see? Are you obsessed with carving and looking for a way to bring your passion from “craft” to “work of art”? Or do you just have a few hours on your hands to try …

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Halloween Mobiles

Constructing Halloween Mobiles are a fun way to spend an afternoon. There are so many different ways to be creative and make fun mobiles for the season. Let’s get started! Halloween clip art images are an easy way to get a lot of pictures for coloring. Cookie cutters are also …

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Spooky Chalk Rubbings for Halloween

Sidewalk chalk takes on a whole new look this time of year. Making chalk rubbings on black construction paper gives it a ghostly appearance and can make for some spooky monster shapes! Check out how to create your own as part of your Halloween decor! Materials Needed Sidewalk or other …

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