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Dummies For All Occasions

Dummies are as much a Halloween staple as candy is to trick or treaters. Dummies cost nothing to make if you use an old mask and old clothes you have laying around your garage. Make one dummy for each area of your house you’ll be using for your party and maybe have one or two on the front porch for your guests to walk past. Get some old clothes from every member of your family and do a dummy family. There are a lot of ways to make dummies, but all I do is stuff the clothes with plastic grocery bags and prop the dummy up. Find the best method for your needs and get started.

Use your dummies in a creative way or make them one of the guests. Make your “guest” dummy work for his stuffing. Have your guests sit on or around the dummy and have their pictures taken! You can do a memory book showing all your guests or do a photo display for your next Halloween party. You may want to look into a firmer frame work or some kind of stiffer stuffing for this dummy. I have a feeling that your dummy will get a lot of attention and use!

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