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Quick Halloween Decorations

by Sarah Briggs

Cheap Halloween Decorations

I couldn’t believe it! I had nearly worked myself into an early grave trying to make my Halloween party decorations, and yet the room looked so bare after I put all that stuff up! I’m talking costumed dummies, cob webs, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, black lights and tons of jointed paper monsters of every ilk. I simply couldn’t spend another dime on decorations, but I was so disappointed over how my party room looked!

You’re not the only one that this has happened to! There is nothing worse than when your Halloween party is drawing near and you realize that your decorations look meager. You know that your party room needs something else but are at a loss at what to do or how to fill in the blanks. You’ve already spent a fortune on the decorations you have made or purchased, paid for the party food and don’t want to make your expenses look like the national debt. Well, not a problem! Go to your box of Halloween odds and ends or left overs and make a pile in your work room. Go through your kid’s Halloween stuff to find beat-up masks, out-grown costumes and add those things to the pile. There are some simple decorations you can make in just minutes, and I bet you won’t have to buy a thing!

General Halloween Decorations Tips

Here are a few quick general Halloween decorations that are fun and will fill up those empty areas of your party room:

Skeletons: those three foot glow-in-the-dark skeletons look great when you drape cheese cloth over them or make them funny by adding shades or a hat.

Spanish Moss: drape Spanish Moss over any surface that needs a creepy touch.

Brooms: get your broom out and wrap it with orange and black ribbon and hang a witch’s hat on the top. If you have some pointy toed black ladies dress shoes, set them to the side of the broom.

Ghosts: grab your old white sheers and drape them over a lamp or hang them from the ceiling to make a quick ghost.

Wreath: spray paint an old wreath black and glue on any Halloween decorations you want.

Witch’s hat: decorate old costume witch’s hats with orange ribbon and hang them on the wall. You can hot glue the decorations or make the decorations temporary.

Rubber snakes/spiders: collect all the snakes and spiders you can find and put them all over your party area.

Mummies: make mummies out of large dolls and stand them up around different parts of the room.

Let’s Pay Homage To Our Ancestors

This is where we all need to stop and thank our family pranksters, crazy uncles and those wonderful people from the baby boom generation who made this holiday what it is today. In our high-tech world, I think we often make everything hard for ourselves and miss the little stuff that can be so important. The uncles of our childhood made us believe that a skeleton had come to life with just fishing line and a couple of old pulleys. They made glow-in-the-dark objects disappear by dropping a piece of black cloth over them. They made us believe that there was magic, goblins and scared the crepe paper out of us with very little technology or money.

I think this is a good time to close our checkbooks, use our creative minds and pull together with friends and family during this season instead of piling on more expenses. If our elderly uncles could make magic with fishing line, just think what we can do with five foot plastic skeletons!

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