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Halloween Party Favors – Why Let the Spiders Have All the Fun? (With Webs!)

Halloween party favors are so much fun to make, except when the directions are hard and it almost kills me to get them done. As usual, a teacher asked to put some favors together on short notice, and I was all out of ideas. Later that day, I sat on the front porch looking at a pile of goodies and craft supplies, trying to divine a new idea that would jump out from my piles and yell at me.

I drew a blank, so I leaned back and idly watched a busy spider on her web. I marveled at how fast she wrapped a poor bug that had accidentally landed on her death web. An idea slowly formed as I looked back down at my supplies. I noticed a package of webs from last year. Then I looked back at my other supplies. Aaaaahhhhh! I giggled like a school girl, thanked the lady spider for her idea, and got as busy like my new friend. Here are two extremely fast and cheap favors I came up with:

Treat Cups a la Spider

Supplies needed:

Spider treat cups
  • Plastic Halloween cups of any style (smaller the better)
  • Bag of spider webs in several colors
  • Plastic spiders and other creepy bugs
  • Small toy skeletons, spider rings and other plastic treats
  • Candy
  • Small toys or pencils
  • Hot glue gun
  • Double stick tape
Spider treat cups

I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this years ago, but here is one of the fastest favor/treat containers I’ve every handed out. Fill your cup with all your goodies except for the bugs, spiders, and skeletons. Tape one arm of the small plastic skeleton to the inside of the treat cup so it looks like he has his hand caught in the webbing (see photo). Cut a small section of webbing and start stretching it all over the top of the cup and just a little on the skeleton.

Pull the end over to one side of the cup and place a small piece of double stick tape on the side of the cup. Stick the end of the webbing on the tape to anchor it. Take the hot glue gun and glue the spider and other bugs on the top of the webs. Done! Is that easy or what? And it only takes a few minutes to do up twenty-five to thirty of them. And talk about cheap!

Skeleton Spider Victim with Candy Bar Favor

Skeleton Spider Victim

Supplies Needed:

  • Full or Fun sized candy bars
  • Plastic skeleton, spiders, spider rings and other icky bugs
  • Package of spider webs
  • Double stick tape
  • Hot glue gun

Lay a candy bar on the table, put a strip of double stick tape on the front, and lay a plastic skeleton on the bar. Fold his arms loose from his body and make sure they stay free throughout the project. Add more double stick tape and start layering on the webs. Attach the webs to tape. Wrap the webs around the head and body of the skeleton except for the arms. Now glue a big spider on the top of the webbed skeleton and glue the other bugs or spider rings on the web randomly. Ta da! Finished!

by Sarah Briggs

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