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How to Make Your Own Halloween Tree

In recent years several holiday companies have started producing “Halloween Trees,” complete with lights and decorations. While this may well be simple, rampant commercialism seeking to feed off of our need to consume Halloween products, it is still a great idea 🙂

Money, however, inevitable raises its head, and we find ourselves asking, “Is this something I can really afford?” For myself, this tended to elicit a negative response, and a deep sigh, where I had to turn away from the items on display and concentrate on silly things such as utility bills and food. Such is the life of a home haunter.

Make Your Own Halloween Tree!

halloween-tree01But that was for the purchasing of a Halloween tree and its varying accouterments. Halloween trees can be made quite easily, and the search for just the right tree – usually a branch which is gnarled, twisted, and something which represents the disturbed thought process of the villains in a Shirley Jackson tale – can be quite enjoyable!

Local parks and woods offer up tremendous opportunities, as there is almost always dead fall around, regardless of how often a park may be cleaned up. For those of you fortunate enough to live next to an ocean or other large body of water, driftwood pieces can add an exciting flair to the Halloween holiday. Once you’ve located your piece, and you’ll know it’s the right one when you see it, all you need to do is bring it home and prepare it for display.

Creating a Base to Stand Your Tree Up

halloween-tree02When you’ve brought your selected Halloween tree home, you need to make sure that it’s going to fit into the place which you have chosen for it. Having done that, it’s a fairly simple task to make sure that the bottom of your tree is flat. All you need to do is mark where you want it cut, and use a small handsaw to give yourself a flush edge. With this complete, you can use a small piece of board, perhaps 12” x 12”, as the base.

Just mark the center of your board and carefully drive a small nail, about 1” or longer, depending on the depth of your board, through the mark (and make sure you don’t nail the board to the table!). With the board prepared, you can carefully push your Halloween tree’s flush edge onto the nail, keeping it centered so the wood doesn’t split. Once you’ve done this, wiggle the branch a little to make sure that it is fastened securely, and stand it up, turning it if necessary to the position that you want.

With all of this complete, you have your Halloween tree, and it’s ready for you to decorate and display as you wish!

Next time, I will go into what decorations to put on your tree. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for this article, Mr. Efstathiou! I love the idea as my family is heavily into “making decorations from nature” this year (leaves, etc.) But this is fabulous and looks easy. Thanks for the idea.

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