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Lighted Tombstones

How would you like to have eerie lights coming out of your tombstone? This is easy as pie. Just follow the directions from this article until you get to the part of the gray lettering. You will have to do somethings differently for the lighted tombstones. To make the lighted tombstones you will need to cut out the letters on the cardboard box with a craft knife instead of outlining the letters with paint. After you have cut out all the letters, glue on black netting or black screen wire to the inside of the box to defuse the lights.

After you have the defuser in place, you are ready to add the lights. Stuff the lights in the bottom of the tombstone and anchor the tombstone to the ground. Cover your cord so your guests can’t see it.

For an extra touch, how about adding a humidifier to the back of the tombstone so you will have fog coming out of the letters? I recommend using a string of Christmas lights to avoid the chance of you or someone getting shocked. Now add your favorite skeleton, and you have a fabulous decoration.

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