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Trick or Treat Mummy Candy Bone

What kid doesn’t love getting treats at Halloween time? For most kids, the creepiest treats are always the best. These look like mummy bones, but are actually candy bars. Make a whole batch of these and give them out to your trick or treaters or to your child’s class at school. They are easy to make and will sure to be a big hit. Young children can easily help with this quick project. Let them wrap the candy with the party streamers.

Approximate time to make from start to finish: 10 minutes

For one project you will need:

  • Regular sized candy bars (round candy bars such as Butterfingers, Milky Way and Snickers work the best)
  • 4 hard round candies such as individually wrapped Lifesavers, peppermints or butterscotch
  • low melt hot glue gun
  • white crepe paper or party streamers
Mummy Candy Bone Halloween craft

To begin, lay the candy bar flat and glue each round candy to the four corners of the candy bar using a low melt glue gun. Be aware that using a high melt glue will melt the candy and can ruin the candy packaging. If you prefer not to use a glue gun, try using some of the new glue dots that are widely available at crafting stores.

Mummy Candy Bone Halloween craft

Next, you will wrap the party streamers around the candy starting at one end. Glue the end of the streamers to the back of the candy bar and begin wrapping around the corners, working your way down. Make sure you keep the streamers straight and pull slightly. This will help it create a smoother look. When you get to the other end, wrap the corners. You may need to wrap several layers in order to completely cover the candy bar. When you are done, attach the end of the streamer in place with the glue. Done!

Mummy Candy Bone Halloween craft

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