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Using Old Halloween Masks

Most of us have a ton of old Halloween masks around the house that have seen better days and look like they had a great time at it. You know the ones that no one wants to wear, but you just can’t bear to part with them? Well, give them new life! Throw them on a wig head, toss on a hat or sun glasses, and you have an instant decoration. You can put the masks just about anywhere, and of course, you could put them in a hall closet for when those special guests want to hang up their coats.

You can put a ton of Halloween props like funky cheap wigs, hats or pirate gear and turn them into an inexpensive, quick prop. What could be more Halloweenish than masks? Gather up all the old masks you can find and play around with them. You will be surprised just how many new props you can make from these with a bit of inspiration. Your budget will be glad that you got inspired, and your guests will look over their shoulders all night, wondering if it is a person or a mask.

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