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Scary Stump Lizard Toss

How to Create a Scary Stump Lizard Toss Game

Supplies needed:

  • White bucket or popcorn tin
  • A stack of paper double thickness freezer bags you get from the frozen food aisle at grocery store or several packages of small brown lunch bags)
  • 2 cans of spay paint (one brown and one red brown)
  • Many bottles of Elmer’s school Glue
  • A bag of moss from a craft store
  • Hot glue gun
  • Rubber ants or spiders
  • Bag of fall leaves
  • Mini strobe light
  • Duct tape

I used my same Three Stooges Paper Mache method I used for the Haunted Tree Toss, and made a Scary Stump Lizard Toss!

Scary Stump Lizard Toss

First, I got a big (free) white pickle bucket from a café and removed the handle. I cut a small hole (about 3”x3”) in the side near the bottom with my drill and saw. I made roots out of the brown paper using the same technique to make the “fingers” from the Haunted Tree Toss – Cut apart your pile of paper bags, crinkle them into loose balls, flatten them back out. then roll them into long, thick roots, taping bags together if necessary to make the roots even longer. Tape them with duct tape on the sides and bottom of the bucket.

Cover the bucket to make bark in the same fashion as the Haunted Tree Toss – create random accordion folds in the crinkled but flat paper, then spread it back out to get a vertical bark look. Do this several times and glue the scrunched, accordion paper to the bucket sides and the entire inside. Spray paint the paper and roots with the red-brown paint, then highlight the bark look with the brown spray paint.

Finally, the next day after the paint dried, I hot glued moss, fall leaves, and ants all over the “stump” for interest. I placed a mini strobe light in the bottom of the bucket and made several toss lines for different ages. I grabbed three soft, silly-looking lizards (pool toys) at the end of the season and let the kids toss them into the stump. I’ll add a launcher later that is a lot more fun so check for updates!

Time to make: Mostly the drying time of the paper mache and the paint. Otherwise, this is a super fast project, and it looks pretty good when you’re done. You can fill the inside of the bucket when you put it in storage with your other (expanding) collection of Halloween toys, thus making it a fun and useful game to make and store!

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