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Snake Toss

How to Make a Snake Toss Game

Supplies needed:

  • Three to five rubber snakes
  • Three to five interesting containers (Open top skulls, goblets or any Halloween container – the spookier the better).
  • Soda flat (cardboard box) to set the game in and decorate if you want to.

Get a handful of rubber snakes and any unusual kind of container for the kids to toss the snakes in. Here are a few suggestions for creepy containers: Open-topped skulls, baskets, and/or goblets for them to throw the snakes in. Use your imagination to decorate it – glue black gauze or fabric around the container, and add cotton spider-webs and glow-in-the-dark sparkles to make the box look old and spooky.

Time to make: Just the time it takes for you to gather your materials and decorate the soda flat.

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