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The Haunted Merry-Go-Round

Want to make a Halloween decoration that will make your neighbors double take every time? How ‘bout one that even creeps you out from time to time?… I thought you might say that… Let’s get started on the haunted merry-go-round, with ghosts!

What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • White garbage bags
  • Hanger
  • Black permanent marker
  • Fishing line
  • Sowing needle
  • 4 Pop cans
  • Toilet paper/newspaper
  • Scotch tape
  • Rubber bands
  • Black/White paint (optional)

haunted-merry-go-round01To begin, cut the top third of the pop cans off. Save the tops. You will need them later… MUAH HAHAHAHAHA!!

Whoops, sorry, where was I… ah yes… next, bend the hanger into a slightly more circular shape. Don’t worry, the ghost won’t be offended if it looks crooked or oval or otherwise half as good as it could have been done.

Unfold the garbage bags and draw circles on them. Make the circle edges wavy and jagged, sort of like a star pattern. Wavy, because these will be your ghosts, and come on people, have you ever seen a ghost with a perfectly strait cut skirt? Let’s be realistic. The size of the circles will determine the sizes of your ghosts. Make them as large or small as you want. Cut each one out.

Remember those pop tops?… It.. Is.. Time!!…… Take one of these tops and cut a strip out of it along the bottom, about 1 inch deep by 3 inches long. Careful, they will be sharp! Cut three v-shaped notches on one long side, and one v-shaped notch on the other. This will be used later.

Next, cut similar strips off your pop can tops for every ghost you make, about 1 inch deep and 2 inches long. Cut one v-shaped notch on the long side of each one. These little pieces will be anchors for your ghosts.

In the end, you will have one 1×3 strip, and four 1×2 strips, all with notches. One can top will have two strips carved out of it.

You can then discard the can tops.

haunted-merry-go-round02 haunted-merry-go-round03 haunted-merry-go-round04 haunted-merry-go-round05

Next, cut strips of fishing line in varying lengths for each ghost – these will determine how low your ghosts hang off the hanger. Tie a sowing needle to one end, and to the other, one of the 1×2 inch aluminum strips you cut out. Use the v-shaped notch to anchor the fishing line.

Stick the needle through what will be the top of the head of a ghost (the garbage bag). Don’t worry, these ghosts don’t feel pain! Pull the string all the way through till the metal stops it.

haunted-merry-go-round06Next, wad up some T.P. for each ghost. After all, they need to do their business too! A rubber band will trap the wad inside the ghost, making the head. So make the wad accordingly. After placing the rubber band on, trapping the wad, draw a scary face to freak out local cats 🙂

Tie the needle end of the line to the circular part of the hanger. Cut the needle off, repeat the process for each ghost… Wash, rinse, and repeat. (Oops, wrong instructions.)

Once all your creepy ghouls are attached, cut four new equal lengths of fishing line, approximately 2 feet long each. Using three of the lines, tie one end of each evenly spaced on the circular hanger. Tie the other end to the 1×3 inch aluminum strip, with the three grooves facing up, and one string in each groove.

Finally, tie the last strip of fishing line to the middle notch of that 1×3 aluminum strip. Tie the other end to a branch or whatever else you can find… like a power line. (Editor’s Note – Our lawyers advise us to say: DO NOT TIE TO POWER LINE(S)!)

Okay, okay, please just tie to a branch, or an eavestrough of your house.

Lastly, (for real this time), to make your craft move, tape the “topless” pop cans sideways on the circular hanger, each facing the same way to catch the wind. For best results, place tape over the bottoms of the cans to make them more aerodynamic.

If there’s wind, your craft will begin to move like a merry-go-round! A … haunted … merry-go-round.


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  1. thank u soooo much this totally helped thank u and i think this would have to be our scariest decoration not scary notunscary either so i thank u soooooo much once again 🙂

  2. halloween alliance rox!!!!!!

  3. yea thank u for the decorations it totally help me out and what mariam said it is scary and unscary at the same time lol fun too my fAMILYloves it too thanks.

  4. wow! dude whoever made this website freakin rules hahaa!my little brother and sister also do to love this and i also do so once again this rocks hahahahhaha thanks!


  6. maybe I’m just burnt on craft making for the day but I don’t get this part at alll…..”First, cut the tops off, about 1 inch. Careful, they will be sharp! Take one of these tops and cut a strip out of it, about 1 inch deep by 3 inches long. Cut three v-shaped notches on one long side, and one v-shaped notch on the other. This will be used later.”
    If you have the tops which were a third of the whole can, and you reduce it to an inch from the top its nearly impossible to cut that one inch off of it?? Please help!

  7. mm

    For each of the cut top thirds of your cans (which will be about one and a half inches from the top), cut off a single 1×2 inch strip. These will be anchors for your ghosts. Off one of the can tops, cut an additional 1×3 inch strip (from the other side of the can.) This will be an anchor for the entire craft. You then discard the rest of the can top. I’ll modify the article – it is a bit confusing.

  8. Thanks you’re awesome for replying so quickly!

  9. After all that it worked! cool!

  10. This is so amazing! who ever thought of these ideas is cool

  11. Want to make a Halloween decoration that will make your neighbors double take every time? How ‘bout one that even creeps you out from time to time?

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