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Totally Quick Tombstones

There are as many ways to make a tombstone as there is ways to make Jack-O-Lanterns. You can spend days creating one tombstone or make several in just minutes. Here is the typical quick tombstone with a twist.

Here is what you will need:

  • Thin, long cardboard boxes
  • Gray and black spray paint
  • Letters or stencils

Take a can of white paint and spay over any words on the side of the box generously until you can’t see the letters clearly. This may take several layers before the letters are covered. Let the paint dry and go to your computer and select the type of font you would like to use to make your letters. Type out what you want to say, size it and print. Cut out the letters and lay them aside.

Once the box is dry, spray the entire box with a medium gray spray paint. Then use rubber cement to attach the letters you have cut out and place them on the dry tombstone. Now get your can of black paint and stand about two to three feet away.

Start spraying in a random pattern over the whole tombstone and especially where the letters are. Give the edges several extra sprays to make the stone look older but go lighter on the center area.

Peel the letters off as soon as the paint is dry and rub off any of the rubber cement that is on the letter area. Your letters should be gray, and your stone should be gray/black. Now take a small brush and outline the letters with white, black or lighter gray paint to add dimension to your lettering.

Since boxes melt when they get wet or damp; you will need to seal the paint with a water type deck sealer. Use a spray bottle to apply the sealer, and you now have a fun, inexpensive tombstone.

You can glue Spanish moss or regular moss you buy from a craft store to make them look older. Stick a large crow on top or make a dummy to sit on or near the tombstone. Have fun and make as many as you want for your yard and party room!

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  1. Cardboard is a good idea. But, if you have it, some plywood boards work great as well. Just cut out some different tombstone shapes in the plywood, and paint them. I used the boards so that I could keep them, since I’m using it outside. The boards can withstand moistness better than cardboard. 🙂

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