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HallowZeen – Issue 10 – September 2011

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September 20,2011


 From the Editor

This is the first issue of HallowZeen this year, and what a year it has been! It’s almost like Halloween every day, except that the flowers still grow, the sun still emerges to feed light on the world, and we are all still thinking of how to outdo ourselves this year with our haunt!

This year Halloween falls on a Monday, so most parties will likely fall on the 28th or 29th … unless your taking a “long weekend” this year, whether your boss knows it or not.

If you’re not yet feeling the Halloween scares, or if it’s still too warm where you live, these articles will definitely get you in the melancholy, haunting mood.

First of all, our back issues of Happy Halloween magazine are now available for purchase! However, there’s only limited quantities available. Check out the selection here.

We have a Halloween artist who goes by the name of Mr. Bumble Bindlegrim, who is living his dream of producing fantastic vintage Halloween artwork, and he has just come out with a Halloween story book – great for kids and kids at heart who like a little spook before they go to bed!

Gothic musicians Carnival Arcane are back with their sinister music, an album they’ve been planning since they began writing music back in 1995 – a macabre and sinister early 20th century travelling carnival.

We also show you some awesome Halloween-themed iPhone apps, and how to turn an innocent, Cherished Memories-like figurine into a Halloween mistress of magic! Friends of ours from Themed-party-ideas.com are putting on a costume contest, we will discuss further below. Go ahead and check them out!

We hope you’re having an excellent 2011, and that you have great plans for Halloween. If you have any ideas for contributions, definitely let me know! Please read our contributor guidelines to learn how.

Chris Molnar
Editor, Halloween Alliance

 In the Pumpkin Patch with Mr. Bumble Bindlegrim

Bumble Bindlegrim

So there I was, tending my small pumpkin patch on the roof (not a roof-top garden, the vines had escaped my backyard and had crawled all over my bungalow) when this strange fellow, previously curled up in a leaf, emerged, yawned, and asked for some refreshments.

Over a cup of pumpkin juice, he explained his story to me and a strange tale about a pumpkin dream. It was a cautionary tale, and he spoke all in rhyme. Though it was a blazing hot August morning, his words turned the sky dark, the trees leafless, and a cool, autumn wind began moaning from the north.

I asked him questions, and he answered with the same soothing sing-song. He explained that, in the normal world, he is sometimes known as “Aaron Wiley.” As he continued his tale, I could swear the pumpkins behind him were grinning at me – the grin of goblins up to no good …

 Carnival Arcane

Carnival ArcaneWith the approach of Halloween comes another tradition – the release of a new album from horror masters Midnight Syndicate (Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka.) Their albums – Carnival Arcane is their 14th – always fills the air with Gothic dread, ambient sounds and creepy instruments. If the “things that go bump in the night” had a soundtrack, Midnight Syndicate would ring through the echoing halls upon their midnight entrance.

Each album they release tells a story in music, a “soundtrack for the imagination” filled with haunting melodies, sound effects, shrieks, groans and the occasional lyrics, all fitting the theme of the album. Carnival Arcane continues in this grand, masterful tradition of storytelling with music, but is even more ambitious than all others – both in the depth, grandeur and creepiness of the music, and in the well-researched and accurate representation of what it would be like to visit a slightly shabby, sinister circus from the Victorian era. It owes a lot to the novel “Something Wicked This Way Comes” (at least that’s the impression I got,) complete with nightmarish rides, a sense of foreboding and sinister characters …

 8 Awesome Smartphone Apps for Halloween

Ghost radarHalloween is such a great event and with the advent of smartphone apps you can enjoy your favorite parts of Halloween everywhere you go. We tested dozens of apps and compiled a list of the 8 best ones we could find in terms of the most imagination and uniqueness. Here’s a couple:

Ghost Radar – For all you watchers of ‘Ghost Hunters’ out there, check out the latest version of Ghost Radar from app developer Spud Pickles. The creators of this app claim it runs on a proprietary algorithm that interprets QUANTUM fluctuations of intelligent energy. Some users say the program is just reading simple electromagnetic sources in your immediate environment while others claim they’ve experienced accurate readings of actual objects in the room that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Either way, you’re bound to get hours of eerie entertainment from this original idea.

Pumpkin Xplode – Pumpkin Xplode is one of those annoyingly addictive games like Tetris or Angry Birds. But you just can’t seem to put it down because there’s always the next level to defeat. Bottom line: if it’s on your phone, you will play it. It has great graphics and sounds built into the game play. Thoughtful features include: night mode, saves game on exit or if uninterrupted by a phone call, and for you cheaters out there you have the ability to undo up to 10 moves back.

Ask the Dead – Get ready to be freaked out with this unique offering from The FORM Group. It’s a digital Ouija board that sneakily uses your phone’s contacts to return answers to your questions. You can totally prank your uninitiated friends or family into thinking you are connecting with the spirit world. You’ll get a ton of screams from this application, but be careful, you may even scare yourself.

 Give a Figurine a Halloween Extreme Makeover!

By Samantha McNesby

Looking for some Halloween decor? We always like to look for materials around the house and make our own. For this project, choose a ceramic or resin figurine with for your makeover – the more innocent looking, the better! If the piece has a glossy finish, you’ll need to coat it with white spray paint or gesso before you begin. If you don’t have a piece to recycle for this project, you can look for one at the dollar store, thrift shop or at a garage sale.

 New Version of Party Halloween Ebook Nearly Aaaaaaaalive!

Our sister site, Partyhalloween.com, has long sold a Halloween party ebook called, appropriately, “Party Halloween.” It was mainly a compilation of articles from our Happy Halloween Magazine which ran in the early 2000’s. It’s time for an update, and it’s nearly ready!

The new ebook features gorgeous Halloween invitation print out, detailed ideas on various Halloween theme parties, recipes, drinks, adult games (you’ll love “The Body Part Toss Game”), lighting techniques, fog machines and set design. You’ll also find out how to construct a temporary Gothic bar for your party!

The ebook is currently being “fleshed out” and clocks in at over 130 pages of tips, techniques and inspiration for your party! There’s also bonuses, so watch out for those! Next week, we’ll send you an email on special pricing for this ebook. It’ll be instantly downloadable so you can put into practice everything the ebook has to offer.

 Themed Party Ideas Costume Contest

Themed-Party-Ideas.com is hosting a costume contest that runs now through midnight November 1, the day after Halloween. Homemade costume ideas, store purchased costumes, and anything in between is eligible in the Themed-Party-Ideas Halloween Costume Contest. First prize is a $100 Visa Card to spend anywhere that accepts Visa. You’ll also receive a copy of my ebook “Party Halloween!”


Thanks for reading! Next issue in early October, where we discuss DIY costumes and a chance to win the ebook Party Halloween!

Chris Molnar
Editor, Halloweenalliance.com



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