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HallowZeen – Issue 12 – Creepy Dolls and Contests

The Halloween Alliance Newsletter

September 18, 2012

From the Editor

Hello, and welcome to the first Hallowzeen newsletter of the season! For many of you, it stills feels like summer. But with the kids in school, the garden being harvest, and the skeletons coming out of your closet and dressed in tattered tutus for your “Undead Ballerina” theme (you are busy doing that … right?), it all means one thing:

Winter is coming. (Cue the theme song to Game of Thrones.), and the cat version.)

But before winter, it’s Halloween! And we have a lot of treats for you this season. In this issue, you’ll learn how to transform your already creepy dolls to … well, even more creepy. We’ll show you some cool DIY costume ideas, a new Halloween song, some ideas for an adult True Blood party, a neat new artist bazaar, and TWO contests for you to enter.

If you are planning a party, we have an ebook guide available from PartyHalloween.com. If you scroll to the end of this email, you will find a coupon code for a 50% discount!


Chris Molnar

Editor, Halloween Alliance

P.S. Back issues of Happy Halloween magazine are now available for purchase! However, there’s only limited quantities available. Check out the selection here.


How to Make a Haunted Doll Halloween Prop

How to Make a Haunted Doll Halloween PropWhat is it that’s so inherently spooky about dolls?

Here’s my theory. There’s something about a toy that’s almost – but not quite – human, that can make one’s hair stand on end.

The frozen look of plastic joy on the face, the arms held out woodenly, a slightly “off” cry track – these get un-cute very quickly when overused and over-loved. If you were ever terrified by the shadowy outline of your Raggedy Anne slumped on a dresser in the dead of night, you know exactly what I mean.

So it’s not a stretch to creep up a doll as a Halloween prop. You’re halfway there just owning a doll in the first place. Here’s how to create a skin-crawling Halloween doll on the cheap…


The Halloween Artist Bazaar

The Halloween Artist BazaarFor some Halloween can’t come around soon enough. The spooky and the macabre are seen as whimsical and beautiful. We surround ourselves with autumn things. In our imaginations bats and devils are our friends and we share a cup of coffee with cats.

We are collected together as a professional Halloween Artist group, Halloween Artist Bazaar. Unique hand crafted Halloween art is our way to preserve the enchanted imagery of Halloween and share with others the mystique of the holiday and its traditions. The hope is capturing the spirit of old-fashioned Halloween craft fairs and bazaars in a modern online emporium. Each artist sells their wares through their own online venues and websites and collectively promote under the Halloween Artist Bazaar name.


Someone Gave Me Health Food On Halloween!

Someone Gave Me Health Food On Halloween!… Someone gave me health food on Halloween

It was the weirdest thing that I’ve ever seen

Broccoli and tofu and lima beans

Someone gave me health food on Halloween

Who would give me health food on Halloween?

It was the grossest thing that I’ve ever seen

Brussel sprouts and eggplant and leafy greens

Someone gave me health food on Halloween…

© Worldstage Music. All Rights Reserved.


Secrets of a Great Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume

Do-It-Yourself Halloween CostumesJealous of your friend down the street who always seems to come up with the most creative and unique Halloween costumes? Looking for the “wow” factor in your Halloween costume this year rather than going as the color green (again)?

Well, if you’re ready to dive into the costume venture of your life and catapult yourself into fame and fortune with the best do-it-yourself Halloween costume in the world (or at least get a few compliments at the Halloween party), there are a few things to consider before you begin…


A Darkly Delicious True Blood Party

A Darkly Delicious True Blood PartyMonsters, love triangles and a bit of biting … there’s everything to love about the HBO series True Blood! If you haven’t seen it yet, do. It features vampires, witches, werewolves, werepanthers (yep), faeries, shapeshifters, telepaths and who knows what else for the coming season. It’s amazingly addictive, and can make for a spectacular Halloween party!

True Blood is just too awesome to pass up as a Halloween party theme. So we’ve dug up the freshest ideas for a True Blood party. Sink your teeth into these fang-tastic ideas..


2 Halloween Contests

Halloween contestsThis year, we are hosting TWO Halloween contests! Prizes include $150 in online gift certificates to Buycostumes.com, per contest. Win both, and you’ll have $300 worth of gift certificates to use for Halloween next year! The contests are being run by our sister sites:

1. 2012 Party Halloween Contest

Hosted by Partyhalloween.com

Some people put a pumpkin on their step and call it Halloween. Others spend three months decorating inside and outside their house, building mazes, entire ghoulish scenes, and transform their garage into a Gothic crypt or zombie holdout where guests are invited to party and celebrate!

If you are the latter, you will of course have pictures and stories of your awesome events in year’s past (or this upcoming Halloween!)

Well, time to celebrate your efforts and win some prizes!

It’s simple to enter. Just input your name, email (to contact you if you win), the city you’re from, a couple paragraphs of your event, at least one picture of your decor or party, and that’s it!

2. 2012 Couples Costume Contest

Hosted by Sexycostumeideas.com

If you love Halloween as much as we do, you’ll have some great memories of the costumes you’ve worn and the parties you’ve gone to. You must have pictures of them, too.

Well, time to celebrate those pictures and win some prizes!

It’s simple to enter. Just input your name, email (to contact you if you win), the city you’re from, at least one picture of you with a partner or group, and that’s it!


Newly Written Party Halloween Ebook Available!

Our sister site, Partyhalloween.com, has long sold a Halloween party ebook called, appropriately, “Party Halloween.” It was mainly a compilation of articles from our Happy Halloween Magazine which ran in the early 2000’s. It’s time for an update, and it’s nearly ready!

The new ebook features gorgeous Halloween invitation print out, detailed ideas on various Halloween theme parties, recipes, drinks, adult games (you’ll love “The Body Part Toss Game”), lighting techniques, fog machines and set design. You’ll also find out how to contruct a temporary Gothic bar for your party!

The ebook contains over a dozen costume ideas, Halloween recipes, how to build an actual bar in your living room for your party, and a huge section on setting up various theme parties (each one of which includes costume ideas, recipes, music choices and the like). There’s also a section on using fog machines and proper Halloween lighting.

Finally, we include a variety of bonuses, such as making pumpkin beer, set design for wall construction, and more!

Email subscribers get special pricing! In the coupon code field, enter this code:


to receive $8.50 off the ebook. The ebook package normally sells for $17 – you get it for 50% off! Hurry, this special is only good until October 1, 2012!

It’ll be instantly downloadable once you purchase via Paypal, so you can put into practice everything the ebook has to offer.

Party Halloween
Thanks for reading, and, Avast, tomorrow be Talk Like a Pirate Day!


Chris Molnar

Editor, Halloweenalliance.com

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