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HallowZeen – Issue 9 – Head Ajar and Fake Blood

Halloween Alliance
The Halloween Alliance Newsletter
October 5, 2010
 From the Editor

It’s October already! I just came back from Santa Barbara, and visited two Halloween stores on State Street, right around the corner from one another. Both were impressive and well stocked – one of them had a section of vocal and anamatronic characters such as Jason, Freddy and Pinhead. The other had created a couple “rooms” filled with different Halloween themes. It definitely got me in the mood, even though the day was sunny and high 70’s.

Did you also see the harvest moon? It was quite amazing, and I got some pictures. However, not being a professional, the moon only looked like a bright light, but I managed to capture a half decent shot by placing my camera on a recycling bin by the beach!

As we count down the final weeks to Halloween,

it’s time to finish gathering our ideas for turning our home into a haunted mansion! One of our contributors, Melanie, is busy placing giant spiders in her window, hanging skeletons in the trees, and tombstones are mysteriously popping out of her lawn.

She is also sharing some wonderful decor ideas, and in this issue, you can read all about how to create a “head in a jar”! We also have ideas for Halloween invitations, how to make fake blood, and recipes for spooky snacks for kids.

If you have any ideas for contributions, definitely let me know! Please read our contributor guidelines to learn how.


Chris Molnar

Editor, Halloween Alliance

  “Head in a Jar” Halloween Prop

By Melanie Henson

head in a jar assembly

Looking for a great new Halloween prop that hasn’t been done to death? Don’t lose your head – make this creepy decoration! Making a Head in a Jar prop is so easy, it’s almost scary – and the project won’t bust your Halloween budget. Read on to find out how to create this creepy Halloween decoration.

Make sure you have all of your materials ready before starting your project. Here’s what you will need to assemble your Head in a Jar…

  Make Fake Blood in 3 Easy Steps – And Other Slimy Creations

By Tianna Sicilia

Fake bloodBuckets of fake blood work great to decorate your haunted house, your Halloween party or as a game of Dunk Tank (Replace water with blood). I do not recommend the Dunk Tank option unless you have enough money to get a good clean-up crew. It can get really messy!

Step 1: Prepare your ingredients

You will need:

  • 1 Cup Corn Syrup
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • Food Coloring (4 Drops +/- as needed)

Step 2: Mix your ingredients!

Mix the corn syrup, water and food coloring together to create that bloody consistency you want. Add cornstarch to give your blood a more coagulated look. If you would like to make more blood simple double the ingredients.

Example: 1 cup corn syrup to 2 cups corn syrup and ½ cup water to 1 cup water.

Step 3: Decorate, Enjoy and Have a very Bloody Halloween!

  Ancient Parchment Paper Party Invitations

By Chris Molnar

Looking for something ancient and creative for your party invitations? How about introducing a creepy atmosphere with faux parchment-paper invites? Here’s how to do it.

You will need:

  • any medium-weight paper (such as computer printer paper) in white or a light color; enough pieces for each of the guests you plan to invite
  • tea or coffee, steeped/brewed
  • rice paper, or another type of very thin, transparent paper
  • a pen with black or red ink
  • ordinary dab-on children’s glue
  • pieces of string or pieces of ribbon
  1. Prepare a pot of strong black tea or coffee (decaf is fine, too). Use twice or more what you would usually use, or keep the tea soaking for twice as long. Don’t use your best tea leaves for this – it’s all about making your invitations look weathered. Allow the tea or coffee to cool, then pour into a pot or a pan with some height (at least 1”). The pan should be large enough to hold one piece of flat paper, laid out flat.
  2. Pour the tea or coffee into the pan.
  3. Take an ordinary piece of white or light-colored paper (printer paper is fine) and place it in the tea-filled pan. Make sure the paper is completely submerged in the liquid. Allow it to sit this way for a couple minutes.
  4. Remove the paper from the pan carefully (wet paper easily splits). If you get a very slight tear here or there along the paper, don’t worry too much. This will add to the paper’s aged, crumpled appearance. Lay the paper fairly flat on a wood or other surface and allow the paper to dry completely. Repeat the above steps for as many guests as you plan to invite to your party.
  5. (Alternatively, you can bake it dry in the oven for about 5 minutes, at about 200F – but if you leave it too long, you won’t be able to roll it up – it will simply crumble if you try to roll it.)
  6. Meanwhile, write your invitation wording on the rice paper (or print out the information onto the paper from a text document). If you can write in calligraphy, now’s the time to do it! Otherwise, there’s some fantastic freehand, Gothic or other old-world fonts and lettering styles you can find or buy online to print out.
  7. Place a dab of glue under each corner of the written pages. Then glue each page to one piece of the dried “parchment” paper you created earlier. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.
  8. Roll up each invitation like a piece of parchment and tie with the string or ribbon.

If mailing it, your local post office or office supply store will likely have small cardboard tubes. Otherwise, collect and use old paper towel rolls, and seal them with bunches of tissue or bubble-wrap at either end and wrap in Kraft paper.

  Spooky Kids Snacks

By Gillian Grimm

While Halloween is always fun for adults, it’s the kids who absolutely delight in all things creepy and scary. Add to their fun this year, both at parties and just for some every day Halloween excitement, with these Spooky (and delicious) Snacks!

Mummy Dogs

  • 8 Hot dogs
  • 1 package crescent rolls

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Unroll the crescent rolls but do not separate the triangles. Instead, use a pizza cutter to cut 16 thin strips. Starting at the top of the hotdog, wrap one strip around, leaving a gap for the “face” and continue wrapping down the hotdog.

Use a second strip of dough to wrap up in the opposite direction creating a criss-cross effect. Use a skewer to poke “eyes” before placing in the oven on a lined cookie sheet. Bake for 9 minutes or until the dough has turned golden.

Read more easy kids snacks, including ghost cookies, witch’s hat crispy treats, and ice cream witches

Thanks, and for all our friends up north, happy Thanksgiving!


Chris Molnar

Editor, Halloweenalliance.com


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