HallowZeen – Issue 2

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Issue #2 – August 21, 2008

Summer is still here, and most people are swimming in their neighbor’s pools, flash-grilling steaks on the barbecue, and getting ready for back to school – or cheering if you’re a parent, thinking of the kids no longer bored at home, and of course not thinking of the bills that haven’t yet appeared in your mailbox!

However, as fellow yard haunters, we’re already thinking of Halloween! Heck, when do we not? I know I’m always looking for special deals on crafts or construction material at the local dollar or hardware store.

To kick off Halloween 2008, let’s discuss a couple of ideas for parties and decorations. Also, we have a new Monster of a how-to prop-building article available at Halloween Alliance. Seven-foot monstrous, in fact. It’s geared for newbies, but it’ll hopefully help anybody already building or thinking of beginning their props.

We’re excited to be gearing up online, with a bunch of new articles in the pipes, from designing shadow boxes to recipes to more prop-building tutorials to costume and party ideas. They’ll be a couple videos next month as well. Subscribe to our RSS feed to have new articles delivered right to your reader.

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas for prop making, crafts, recipes and stories, so if you’re itching to get your keyboard burning, please send us some original articles, with pictures. If accepted, you’ll get paid up to $25, depending on the length and subject matter. Or if you have your own ghoulish site, we’ll give you credit with 1-3 links (again, depending on length.)

Enjoy the rest of summer!
Chris Molnar
Editor, Halloween Alliance

Table of Contents

  1. We’re Building a Monster!
  2. Adult Party Trends, 2008
  3. Top Costume Predictions For 2008
  4. 5 Ten-minute Decoration Ideas
  5. What’s New at Halloween Alliance


We’re Building a Monster!

Anyone in love with Halloween knows that a must-have member in the home haunter’s repertoire is at least one good and scary monster to greet the Trick Or Treators (TOTs). Short and squat or tall and overbearing, these creatures of the night are often the spotlight decor of your Halloween haunt or party. With a well put together prop, the TOTs and your guests will have fun getting a good scare, and your monster’s thumbs (if they have them) will be itching to use their scythes or any other dark instruments of terror they may have!

So when we were invited by a local home haunter to come out and try our hand at some of the methods they use to create their creatures of the night – how could we resist!

Read Our Monster Tutorial on How We Made Orlyck the Orc


Adult Party Trends, 2008

by Sarah Briggs

No matter how the economy goes, people still want to celebrate Halloween. They either want to be glad about their successes or to escape their reality and worries. I’m noticing that more adults like to theme their parties for Halloween instead of just having a boo bash. Having a theme to work off makes it easier and sometimes cheaper to host a party. For instance, if you want to host a Sex in the City party, it would call for few elegant decorations, a few famous drinks and asking everyone to come as their favorite characters dressed in their best designer wear. It can be either an all-girls night, or you could invite your own "Big" to the party.

We hosted a Blaire Witch party several years ago, and it was a blast. We asked our guests or their kids to shoot a three-to-five minute horror movie using the style and techniques of the movie. We had showings later that night, and after all the guests discussed how they either thought the movie was cutting edge cool or the dumbest thing they’d ever seen. It was an unbelievable night of fun and fright that challenged our guests in a way they’ll never forget.

So consider picking a theme for your party this year and remember that a party doesn’t have to cost the same as your mortgage . . . it just needs to be themed.

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Top Costume Predictions For 2008

After pulling out my crystal ball and looking into the future, I think I can divine what costumes are going to be hot this year. My secret source? Watching the latest movies, of course!

There’s nothing like a blockbuster movie to launch a flood of sales of a costume for Halloween. Some of you may still have your first Indiana Jones costume, so now is the time to dust off the leather jacket, the fedora and the whip and put it back to good use!

Sex in the City with be all the rage with the trendy adults, and at I’ll bet there are going to be more men dressed as Big along with other males characters from the movie and TV series.

Batman has a category all to itself, with several variations of the brooding Dark Knight and the Joker. Perhaps dress as the classic TV Batman to put all the other 2008 Dark Knights off guard!

Prince Caspian from The Chronicles of Narnia will be a hit with boys and teens, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be released less than a month after Halloween. Don’t forget a resurgence of Transformers, if you didn’t see it last year!

As usual, pop culture icons will abound, like Hannah Montana, Ironman, Kung fu Panda and other films of 2008.

Other typical costumes will remain the same, no matter how much pop culture guides the trends or comes up with the latest gotta haves. Thankfully, there will always be homemade witches, princesses, mummies, vampires, zombies and other beloved costumes knocking at our doors. The longer I live the more I realize that change is fleeting, and no matter how hard it tries, things always stay the same!

For a prediction of "sexy" costumes for 2008, check out this article.

View all the new 2008 costumes at BuyCostumes.com!


Five Ten-Minute Decorations

by Sarah Briggs

Ok, you’ve got decorations all over your party room and yard but just minutes before the sun sets and your guests arrive, you see a place that is bare! Don’t panic. Let me do it for you. No, just kidding. These fast ideas will do in a pinch:

1. Add a strobe light and bugs.

2. Put sheets over a chair and put a wig over it like someone is sitting there.

3. Use a blacklight and put a glowing anything in the room to draw attention and make guests wonder what might be going on.

4. Darkness – you can’t beat darkness and the unknown for a sure-fire scare.

5. Lightning fast figure:

  • Get a mask
  • Broom
  • Newspaper
  • Tape
  • Fly swatter or straight rigid item
  • Man’s overcoat
  • Shoes

Put the mask on the broom handle and stuff it with papers; then tape (with lots of tape!) the straight, rigid item below the head. Now add the overcoat that will reach to the floor, tuck the sleeves in the pockets, set the shoes in front of the coat, and lean it in a corner. Your guests will think it’s only a dummy, but it’d be really easy to slip into this prop later in the night and scare everybody senseless!

Decorations don’t take a long time or a lot of money if you just take a minute to think of what you have and how to throw it together.


What’s New at Halloween Alliance

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