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HallowZeen – Body Parts, Dark Artists and Aliens

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The Halloween Alliance Newsletter
August 14, 2009

 From the Editor

It’s still summer, but if you live on Earth, you would either have had an incredibly hot and dry season or an incredibly cold and wet one. There was no middle ground. Such is life.

Anyway, I was hoping to get a newsletter out in the spring, chock full of goodies like prop building, party planning hints, crafts and interviews with talented Halloween artists. Instead, this happened:

The next generation of Halloween lover! Now that she’s fitting nice and comfortable in this big wide world, it’s time to turn our attention to the season we’re all waiting for. This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday, which means lots of TOTs and lots of parties afterward!

At Halloween Alliance, we have a bunch of goodies in store. My close friend, Screaming Scarecrow will be building a haunt this year, and he has a pile of tips and techniques to publish on this site. Sarah Briggs, one of the orignal writers for Halloween Alliance, will be back with new material. As well, several professional artists will be sharing some of their crafts and techniques. Stay tuned!

It’s only August, but as far as Halloween merchants are concerned, it’s October. I’ve seen more than one store already stocking Halloween supplies in mid-July. With the kids in school soon and the summer bbq’s soon to wrap up, it’s time to have some real fun – picking your costume and planning on “haunting out” your house!

Chris Molnar
Editor, Halloween Alliance

 Game Idea: The Body Part Toss Game

Why do most haunters haunt? Because we have tons of fun doing it! From building spooky props to putting together creepy Halloween costumes. From scaring the pants off trick-or-treaters to rewarding them with handfuls of bravely won candy. Most Halloween haunters find all aspects of home haunting fun!! Why else would we do it?!

With that in mind, we have our Body Part Toss Game. It’s relatively cheap and simple to build and it should last a good number of years …

Read more on making your own Body Part Toss game …

 Interview with Lew Lehrman – Painter of Dark

I recently had a chat with Lewis Lehrman, professional watercolor artist, teacher, author and Halloween painter who showcases his work at his website Haunted Studio. He has created an incredibly rewarding niche for himself, whereby clients send him images of a house they love or have lived in, or describe a vivid scene they remember. Lew then creates a custom spooky painting for them, complete with a haunting backdrop, pets, hidden ghosts, people and decor.

Read the full interview with Lew Lehrman …

 Need to Learn How to Haunt Your House?

How to Haunt Your HouseSometimes, just sometimes, a book comes across your altar that makes your hands go clammy, that sets your heart racing, that makes your eyes go bug wide in wonder. How To Haunt Your House is such a book.

Its deceptively simple title sets the stage (literally) for what the book is about – a visual feast of step-by-step techniques on, well, how to haunt your house! I have never come across such effective, clear-cut pages of just how to create the fantastic props and effects that home haunters create for that one, single, magically, horribly satisfying night of the year!

Everything you need to know about building a haunt is here – starting with recipes for monster mud to working with Styrofoam, and effective spray paint applications to create that 200 year old marble tombstone.

Purchase at Amazon.com

 How the Movie Alien is a lot Like Raising kids

Are you a parent? My good friend Curtis has an interesting theory on the plot and social commentary of the classic Ridley Scott movie Alien. If you have kids, you’ll likely nod your head a few times while laughing, albiet it, laughter tinged with a bit of trepidation …

Read Curtis’s Alien theory…

That’s it for now. See you in early September with more Halloween tricks and treats!
– Chris

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