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HallowZeen – Getting Down with the Boogyman!

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September 17, 2009

 From the Editor

With Halloween comes the temporary breakdown of barriers between the land of the living and that of the dead, and we’ve had a couple famous celebrities joining the next world – Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, John Hughes and now Patrick Swayze. Nothing, however, comes close to the outpouring of grief and tributes as Michael Jackson.

“Oh no, not another mention of MJ,” you may be saying – well, don’t worry, but I will say this – nobody can doubt that the music video Thriller is one of the best and most memorable homages to everything Halloween! It comes with the classic horror storyline, zombies, werewolves, and the words of Vincent Price that still sends chills up my spine (… Creatures crawl in search of blood

Our feature article below asks for you to pay a special tribute to MJ – if you are hosting a Halloween party this year, please play Thriller at the midnight hour!

Also, I have just set up a Facebook group where members who would love to play Thriller at midnight can join and hang out! Click below to join:


Hope to see you there!

Chris Molnar
Editor, Halloween Alliance

 Getting Down with the Halloween Boogie Man! A Thriller Tribute to MJ at Your Party

Everybody loves the spooktacular good times of dancing to great tunes at their favourite Halloween party. We believe that each time we play an iconic song we are actually paying homage to the late great performers who gave them to us – especially on that one night of the year where the veil between the living and the dead becomes thinner. On this very special night we like to think that these departed musical souls can feel the good vibrations coming from all the people still enjoying the songs they poured a bit of themselves into.

With this in mind, it would seem fitting that Michael Jackson’s Thriller should be included on everyone’s playlist. In fact we think that every Halloween party across the planet should play Thriller at the midnight witching hour!

Read the full article, including homages to Bobby (Boris) Picket, Warren Zevon and Vincent Price …

 Creepy Candy Spider Lollipops

By Kate Baldwin

One year, I decided to try making lollipops into spiders as our candy to give out. It was such an enormous hit that we’ve done it every single year since then! Even though my son is now 13, we still have a blast making our spiders!


You don’t need much for this easy project! Start with a glue gun, black pipe cleaners, wrapped lollipops, and googly eyes. Couldn’t be much cheaper and easier than that!


Snip each pipe cleaner in half. This can be a little tough to get through so use wire clippers if you need to. Take 4 of the cut pipe cleaners and center them on the stick of the lollipop. Twist well around the stick and then bend into spider legs. Glue gun the googly eyes onto the twisty area of the pipe cleaners and there you have it! Treats for the trick-or-treaters that will elicit oohs and ahhs all evening long!

Spider lollipops

 Making Halloween Memories: A Guide to a Season of Fun for your Child

By Kate Baldwin

Are you like me? Does Halloween form the basis of many of your favorite childhood memories? It was absolutely magical for me as a child. Now that I’m a parent, I try to bring that level of excitement to my own munchkins. I’m no craft-happy homemaker (don’t I wish?!) but I do try to piece together some special times during the season. Traditions form the fabric which weaves the happiest, richest holiday memories.

The key is to plan a few simple things that will stay in your little ones’ hearts forever. Here are a few ideas that we use in our household to make it a memorable Halloween holiday season…

Read ideas on making rich Halloween traditions with your family …

 Scary “Blair Witch” Icons Made from Sticks

By David Lay

Blair Witch iconsWhen building your Halloween set, keep the traditional, but bring in the new: New if you lived in the 1700’s that is! A movie that I suspect most of you have seen is The Blair Witch Project. It is based on a legend that supposedly occurred in the 18th century.

One thing in that movie that generates fear and trembling is the “stick figures” that hang from trees around the hiker’s tent when they wake up one morning. They are, presumably, the icons of murdered children, and some are dressed in cloth made from the children’s clothing. I still have nightmares from watching that movie.

To capture the effect the hiker’s felt when first seeing the stick figures, try this: As your trick ‘n’ theaters approach your front door, make them walk through a maze of these icons “hanging”, literally, from tree limbs or from your “tunnel” you’ve created. Here’s how to create them …

Learn how to make Blair Witch icons with this visual step-by-step guide

 Mesmerizing Spider Webs for Your Haunted House

By Ruth Randall

paper spider websSure, anybody can make paper snowflakes – but how about paper cobwebs for your Halloween decor? Ba ha ha, don’t stare too long at your creations, you may find yourself hypnotized and giving out too much trick or treat candy. Or worse yet- the chocolate trick or treat candy!

Here’s how to cut out your own Halloween cobwebs…

Read how to make Halloween spiderwebs…

Like a Pirate Day
” is this Saturday! Arrr!

Chris Molnar
Editor, Halloweenalliance.com

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