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October 1, 2009

 From the Editor

It’s October! Wow, that came fast. Luckily, we have a lot of new goodies to
share with you to help in your Halloween plans. With all the economic
troubles this past year, I’ve placed extra emphasis on do-it-yourself ideas,
from make-you-own Halloween costumes to easy crafts, projects and
recipes. I hope there’s something here for you to try!

For October, we have some really neat articles in the pipline for the website: Building a
Halloween tree, spiderweb art, baking a Jack-o-pizza, making your own haunted
Gingerbread House, and a couple fun crafts to try with your kids, such as haunted chalk rubbings. And that’s only in the
next two weeks!

It’s not often Halloween falls on a Saturday,
so I hope it gives you extra time to spend some family time making hanging bats and
carving pumpkins, plan a fun party that will go a little later than usual,
and chat with neighbors while hanging decorations. Happy haunting!

Chris Molnar
Editor, Halloween Alliance

 The Most Important Aspect of Creating a Successful Haunt: Lighting!

By David Lay

Lighting is probably the most important aspect of creating fear and trembling when decorating your home for Halloween. Around my home, when I lived in the city, my neighbors would go all out to out-do each other with decorations on all holidays. Some even went so far as to hire professional decorators to come in and decorate their homes.

However, simply by following the basic rules of lighting, I was the only one who had trick or treaters crying, trembling in their boots, and standing in my yard telling me they certainly weren’t afraid of my house, which really meant they were scared stiff! And here’s how you can too …

Continue reading all about Halloween lighting techniques for your haunt …

 2009 Halloween Forecast – Economic Downtown May Be an Upturn for Halloween Creativity

By Sarah Briggs

Halloween as we knew it has changed after the economic crash of 2008, but that doesn’t mean Halloween won’t be celebrated. It’ll be far more creatively celebrated by attending more parties and going to more local events.

Last October saw the worst of the economic storm, and decorations sat unsold on most retail shelves in October 2008, even though they were deeply discounted. This year most retailers have scaled back, but all seem to be stocking items for the holiday. The merchandise they do carry is geared more toward parties rather than outdoor yard decorations. The outdoor props and decorations they do carry this year are the lower-end items with just a few expensive ones dotting the shelves.

In 2009, home haunters still make props and plan on hosting their neighbors. The Haunted House Association expects the haunted attraction industry will pump over one billion dollars into the economy this year. Ticket sales to haunted houses are expected to go up or stay the same as last year. One fact of human nature is the same now as it was a century ago: no matter how bad an economy gets, people still want to get entertained!

The Halloween internet sites are abuzz with people talking about their plans for Halloween 2009 with the emphasis on how they’re not going to let their favorite holiday go uncelebrated. The celebrants as a whole have expressed the desire to host or attend a record number of Halloween parties, buy a few retail props, and attend at least one Halloween event or contest in addition to going to a haunted attraction.

 The Haunted Merry-Go-Round

By Jesse Curtis

Haunted Merry Go RoundWriter Jessue Curtis submitted this neat project involving fishing line, old pop cans, a wire clothes hanger, some sheets and balled-up newspaper. It was fun to make, and she includes a neat trick using the wind to stabilize and make the decoration spin around like a … you guessed it, a merry-go-round. But this involves ghosts instead of horeses.

Learn how to make a haunted Merry Go Round

 Yard Ghost – Super Fast – Super Cheap!

By Sarah Briggs

Yard ghosts playing catchIf you need a really fast project for your yard and you don’t want to go the gory route because of a lot of young children in your neighborhood, this project is for you. It’s a friendly decoration that only takes about a half an hour to make and install. You probably have all the stuff you need around the house. Plus, you can use it year after year! Here’s what you’ll need to make these fun ghosts play catch in your yard.


  • Two large Styrofoam balls
  • Two yard stakes
  • Two white crib sheets
  • Heavy gauge wire
  • One plastic skull or other item to play catch with
  • Black Sharpie marker

Drive the two stakes into the ground so that the ghosts will be far apart but not too far apart. Jam the styrofoam ball onto the stake deep enough for it to be stable but do not push it out the other side.

Measure enough heavy gauge wire to make two arms for each ghost and attach with duct tape in an x fashion so the arms won’t slip down the yard stake. Drape the white crib sheet over the Styrofoam head and over the arms. Attach a very light weight skull to the end of one wire as if the ghost is ready to toss the skull. Pose the arms as if one ghost throws and like the other one catches. Then, take your Sharpie marker and draw on a face. Skip this step if you don’t want a face.

Done! If you get the sheet draped right, your ghosts will turn in the wind, making it be in a different place each time you look at them.

These ghosts are fun and easy to make with items you already have on hand. Plus, it’s fun to add some whimsy to your Halloween decorations!

See you again with another issue of Hallowzeen in mid-October!

Chris Molnar
Editor, Halloweenalliance.com

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