5-Minute “Bleeding” Candle Tutorial

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Looking to add some gore to your decor, but you don’t have a lot of time (and don’t want to invest a wad of cash)?

Here’s your EASIEST way to creep up any Halloween table!

And the best part? We used items found at our local dollar store and saved a bundle on a truly creepy, authentic-looking prop. Read on to find out how to transform ordinary candles into lighting with a creep factor in just 5 minutes (really!).

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

You will need:bleedingcandles5

  • one or more white candles; either burning wick or flameless/battery-operated
  • a red candle with a tapered end
  • decor items to surround your bleeding candles, if desired
  • a surface that’s easy to clean up; put down newspaper or a disposable sheet

Step Two: Safety FIRST

Although this tutorial is super-simple, please remember that you’re utilizing flame. Keep flammable items away from the area you’re working on. Do not allow children to do this craft on their own.

If you’re using plastic battery-operated (flameless) candles, remember that plastic can be very toxic if melted. DO NOT touch the flame of the melting candle to the plastic of your battery-operated candle. Hold the flame at least 1″ away and drip downward.

bleedingcandles6Step Three: Melt the Red Candle Over the White Candle(s)

Take the red taper candle and light the end. Now, holding it at an angle so you don’t accidentally light the wick on the white candle, drip red wax down onto the white candle. Try to have this look somewhat random, as if “blood” were flowing down the candle.


Step Four: Allow to Cool Completely

The wax should cool quickly, but some may puddle up near the wick. Allow the candle to cool upright.

Step Five: Add Decorbleeding candles

Now that you have some creepy candles made, you can simply place your bloody candles on a table or around your Halloween party area, or if you’d like, arrange them to look spooky.

Get creative. Add pumpkins, spiders, moss, leaves, cobwebs, or whatever strikes your fancy. (Just make sure to keep flammable items away from the candle flame.) Here, we used Spanish moss and a scrolled candle-holder.

Enjoy – this one simple prop will add awesome ambiance to your decor!

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