Bone Appétit: More Creepy Halloween Recipes

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This year our fave creepy Pinterest crafters have gotten even more creative – and you won’t BELIEVE what they’ve cooked up.

Click on the link in the description for the corresponding recipe. Oh…and bone appétit!

Jello Bloodworms by The Idea Room

Edible Fake Worms

These slimy worms (eew!) have just the right blend of food colors to make them look oh-so-real. Dig in!

Watermelon Brain by Scoochmaroo

Halloween brain watermelon recipe

What were they thinking? Find out by clicking this Instructables tutorial. Contributor Scoochmaroo was the brains behind this idea.

Dessert Table Skeleton by In Katrina’s Kitchen

skeleton dessert tray for Halloween

He’s obviously saved room for dessert. Now eat already – you’re skin and bones! The recipe is here.

Can’t Get Enough Creepy Recipes? Here’s More

Poison Apples by Wanna Bite

black Halloween candy apple recipe

These darkly delicious treats look so tempting on your Halloween table. Come on, is one little bite going to kill you?

Edible Cow Eyeball by Squirrels of a Feather

gross edible eyeball dessert recipe

It doesn’t get much grosser than this. Then again, it doesn’t get much tastier, either. The bite is worth it for the “eeeew!” reactions.

Halloween Hand Pies by It’s Shanaka

novelty hand shaped meat pie

Need a hand with these? Never mind – the recipe creator says they’re easy as pie. You KNOW you have to serve them with that knife.

Candy Corn Marshmallow Pops by Two Sisters

marshmallow pops decorated as candy corn

You’ll never say “I hate candy corn” again with this easy and fun recipe. Don’t let the kids hog them all – they’re addictive!

Eyeball Pasta Dinner by Delish

Halloween eyeball spaghetti recipe

We thought tomatoes were good for your eyes, but these poor little guys weren’t so lucky. Look up (ha!) the recipe here.

Edible Fake Blood by The Girl Who Ate Everything

fake candy blood on cupcake

The cupcake doesn’t come with the recipe, but hey, you can buy a dozen. Then drizzle them with this horrifyingly tasty concoction. You may want to invite these guests.

Coffin Pop Tarts by My Crazy Good Life

coffin shaped pop tart recipe

Psst. Want to know what’s inside? Hint: it’s bloody good. These adorbs homemade Pop Tarts have delicious Halloween gooeyness in every bite.

Enjoy, and stay tasty…mmm! (Nibble, nibble.)






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