Make Any Creepy Creature Come To Life with Glowing Eyes!

Credit: Rusty Nail Workshop Once again, guest contributor Carolyn Miller gives us an eerie, tech-based treat. Read on to make this cool prop for your own haunt. It’s Halloween! Would you like to spice things up? Make things a little scary? Make your neighbors wonder “What is that creepy thing”? With just a quick touch of glowing red LED eyes, your hum-drum Halloween decorations instantly turn into the scary, creepy, evil things that go bump…Read more

Scary “Blair Witch” Icons Made from Sticks

  The following contribution is from the spooky Screaming Scarecrow Studios. Thanks as always, fellas – stay scary! When building your Halloween setup, we recommend keeping the traditional, but bring in a bite of the new – “new” if you lived in the 1700s, that is! A movie that I suspect most of the scare fans here have seen is the The Blair Witch Project. It’s based on a legend that reportedly occurred in the…Read more

The Body Part Toss Game

  Thanks, Screaming Scarecrow Studios, for this gristly and very valuable contribution! Why do most haunters haunt? Because we have tons of fun doing it! From building spooky props to putting together creepy Halloween costumes to scaring the pants off trick-or-treaters and rewarding them with candy, we just plain love it. Most Halloween haunters find all aspects of home haunting fun! With that in mind, and in an effort to provide our Halloween guests with…Read more

How to Make “Shrunken Heads” with Apples

Image credit: Shrunken heads are the stuff of myth, legend and Hollywood voodoo movies. This Halloween, bring an eerie tradition to life by creating apple “shrunken heads” for your diabolical display. Be as simple or as detailed as you’d like; they may look like they take a lot of effort, but making a creepy shrunken head prop is so easy, it’s almost scary. You will need: 1 (or more) large-size, fairly round apple(s) Bowl…Read more

Need A Hand? Creating Awesome Monster Hands for Your Halloween Prop

  The following super-fun tutorial was contributed by the illustrious (and very crafty) Screaming Scarecrow of Screaming Scarecrow Studios. Enjoy! NOTE: We are including our professional haunt armature instructions, but you do NOT need to use tools or pipe for this prop. See below for two easy versions. * One thing all home haunters can use, as the Halloween Season draws near, is a few extra pairs of hands. And we mean that in more…Read more is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You will see this in links typed in orange text which link you back to products available for purchase through