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UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations “Frankenstein” Jones!


Around here we love animals – including what’s on the inside. Here’s Sir David’s take on this cool creation from Crazy Bonez.

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Item: Crazy Bonez Vulture Skeleton

Price: $17.02

Delivery Time: 3 days with Amazon Prime

Height at Shoulder: 10″

Materials: Hard plastic and Latex

Buy the Skeleton Here: Crazy Bonez Vulture Skeleton

Buy the Fabric Leaves Here: Zhanmai Artificial Maple Leaves

Buy the Acorns Here: Pangda Artifical Acorns with Natural Caps

Sir David’s Take

Human, cat, dog and rat skeletons abound at the Madam’s and my house, but vultures are a Halloween staple we’ve somehow managed to overlook until now.

That all changed when my own bewitching Madam Melvira discovered something fun and cheap (two for two right there!) during her annual nose-thumbing at Christmas in July. I mean yeah, she was buying stuff…but she was buying stuff for Halloween. All is forgiven, M.

We have Amazon Prime, so the adorable little dead pet we were later to name Vinnie the Vulture arrived in three days. There wasn’t a next-day option at the time we purchased. That may change as fall approaches, so check back in later if you’re trying to wait on fleshing out your props collection.

Here’s how it all went down:

1. Ahhhhhhhhhh…What’s in the Box?

Vinnie arrived well packaged in shipping pillows. Nothing was broken.







2. Intial Impressions

  • Vinnie is heavier than he looks. He’s nice and sturdy.
  • He is primarily hard plastic, but his neck is rubbery and can be bent to a little above horizontal.
  • His wings and feet are not poseable, so do know that if you’re thinking of buying. On the upside, that means he won’t be knocked out of position. He maintains his menacing lurk or stretching-to-tear-off-a-little-flesh look. (Awesome!)
  • His color is less white than he appears in pics. Underneath the shading the base plastic and rubbber are very similar to the color of aged bone.
  • He is more weathered-looking and natural than he looks on Amazon’s pics. They really need to get with the program there, because the detail is pretty nice (see below).

3. The Finer Details

Vinnie has some brown/sepia shading on every bone of his body. The degree of shading varies, which is another feature I appreciated. Two drawbacks: you can see the wide seams under his face, and his talons are just slightly yellowed underneath, where this detail is going to be missed by most viewers.









4. Prop! It’s Vulture Time

Here’s how he looks in action, including a few autumnal additions (see links under Specs if you’re interested in ordering these).


5. Size Comparison and Gratuitious Furbaby Pic

Last of all, here’s how he looks in realtime, as compared to Chewbacca, our 2-year-old 11-lb. male tabby:




Ready to give Vinnie a home? Here’s how to enter our Giveaway:

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  2. Enter I’M IN below in the comments.
  3. Like this post on our Facebook page (pinned to the top).
  4. No, seriously. There’s no #4. That’s it!

We will draw ONE winner via random numbers generator on August 15, 2019. Good luck, and stay spooky!

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