These Creepy Animatronics Will Scare You to Death

haunted jack o lantern and scared woman

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Halloween is always scary. But today’s animatronics aim to tell a story and spook you in ways you never even thought of.

Hungry for haunt ideas? The animated props below might just get those juices going.

Click on each pic for details and be sure to scroll through reviews for videos of the items in action.

Animated Scarecrow

He’s tall, dark and sinister. We love this motion-activated Jack because his movements are a bit more realistic than you sometimes find.creepy scarecrow with pumpkin head

  • Head and torso move
  • Embedded fog machine
  • Creepy voice with various sayings

Haunted Tricycle

What is it about kids that’s so terrifying? We’re not sure, but we do know you can create a truly eerie haunt “story” with this tricycle whose owner abandoned it way too soon.Halloween haunted tricycle decoration

  • Rolls forward and backward
  • Laughing child sound effects
  • Manual-switch operated

Window Peeping Stalker

The stalker who created a stir and went viral is back. If you want to hear a bloodcurdling shriek followed by “That’s NOT funny!” then this is the prop for you.fake stalker looking in window

  • Suction cup attachment
  • Eyes move back and forth
  • Updated hyper-realistic face

Dancing Broom

It’s a haunted holiday favorite, so don’t forget to add this broom to your haunt. It works seamlessly for a witch or Harry Potter theme.

Moving broom Halloween prop

  • Moves in circles
  • Cackling witch sound effects
  • Motion and sound activated

Chainsaw With Sounds

What fun is a party if you’re not chasing everybody around with something dangerous? Luckily, this prop won’t harm anyone, but the authentic sound will definitely make them run.Halloween fake chainsaw prop

  • A realistic 29″ long
  • Beaten-up, haunted look
  • Makes loud chain saw sound

Haunted Mirror

When trick-or-treaters or party guests walk past this mirror, they’re in for a surprise…and it isn’t good. Eek!scary talking skull mirror

  • Skull lights up and flashes
  • Deep-voice soundtrack
  • Uses 3 AAA batteries

Ring-Around-the-Rosie Kids

Sorry to scare you with five-year-olds again, but this little group wanted to come out and play. The eerie part is the song rather than the motion, which is basically a repeat rotation.

doll children dressed as ghosts

  • 4 creepy children in ghostly outfits
  • Entire mechanism revolves slowly
  • Creepy child’s song

Dueling Banjos Skeletons

skeletons playing dueling banjos

  • Each skeleton is about 39″ high
  • Banter and banjo playing
  • Can be separated up to 90 feet

These two exchange some hilarious banter and then play the famous tune. Creepy + morbidly funny = a total win in our book.

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