What would Halloween be without the dinner table full of glazed eyeballs and brain soup? Or a great theme party to celebrate the night away? Get into the spirit of the season by hosting a Halloween party, complete with activities for the whole family, a menu of ghastly delights and, of course, a prize for the best costume! For decorating inspiration, read some great ‘How To’ articles to transform your house into a fun and ghastly haunted mansion!

Ghoulish Recipes

What kid doesn’t like imaginative treats? Eyeball candy, literal finger foods, bat cookies and other recipes, you’ll have as much fun making them as eating them!


‘How To’ Halloween

So, you want to learn how to make your own Halloween decorations? From haunted tree games to paper bats to tombstones, find out how to make your own props and house decor here!



Party Halloween

Looking for fresh Halloween Party ideas? Download this ebook for party games, ghoulish recipes, costumes, decoration ideas, printable invitations, and more! Written and compiled by the editor and staff of Halloween Alliance!



Halloween Party Tips and Activities

Hosting a Halloween house party? How about a massive street event? Whatever you’re doing this season, read our party tips, ideas and activities for some haunting inspiration. Don’t let your night turn into a graveyard shift!


Costumes, Masks & Accessories

You can shop for Halloween items all year round. We offer a premium selection of Halloween
costumes, masks and accessories, and list specialty shops which sell unique Halloween items.