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Party Tips, Recipes & Activities

What would Halloween be without the dinner table full of glazed eyeballs and brain soup? Or a great theme party to celebrate the night away? Get into the spirit of the season by hosting a Halloween party, complete with activities for the whole family, a menu of ghastly delights and, of course, a prize for the best costume! For inspiration, read some great ‘How To’ articles to transform your house into a fun and ghastly haunted mansion!

BEST OF: Pinterest Halloween Food Ideas

Pinterest’s so bursting with awesome Halloween food ideas, it’s almost scary! And although some take a culinary degree and top-notch baking and decorating equipment (you’ve seen them too!), there are others that really aren’t hard to make – and that are downright devilishly delish. With that said, here are 13 …

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Quick Halloween Party Ideas

The holiday season is creeping up on us all. First to come is Halloween, and this year you’re hosting a Halloween bash. While you would like a party that all the boys and ghouls continue talking about for years to come, you’ll settle for an enjoyable time that goes off …

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Host an Undead Wedding Party

It’s almost that time of year again – Halloween is almost upon us! While most of the world thinks about dressing up in costumes or going trick or treating, there are other uses for this holiday … like weddings! If you are into ghosts, goblins, and all that is ghoulish, …

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The Terrible Chase Zombie Game!

Halloween Zombie Chase Game

Looking for a zombie game? Here’s how to have a Zombie Chase at Your Halloween Party! This zombie game is no ordinary race, because everyone knows that zombies carry a deadly zombie virus. If you’re attacked, you will become a zombie. That mere scientific fact makes this a race for …

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Harry Potter Horcrux Cupcakes

For some people, Halloween is only a few months away and is something to look forward to. For a slightly smaller but no less enthusiastic group, the excitement lies less than a month after Halloween on November 19th. At midnight on this day, several ecstatic kids, young adults (the O.G. …

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Spooky Kids Snacks

Mummy hotdogs Halloween treat

While Halloween is always fun for adults, it’s the kids who absolutely delight in all things creepy and scary. Add to their fun this year, both at parties and just for some every day Halloween excitement, with these Spooky (and delicious) Snacks! Ghost Cookies 20 Oreo Cookies 1 Tub Vanilla …

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Halloween Bar Essentials

If you’re hosting a Halloween Party for the over 21 crowd, a bar is a must, and with a few tweeks to your regular drinks cart, you can be Halloween ready before the first cork is popped. While spooky, creepy and downright frightening cocktails are always fun to concoct, basic …

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Silhouette Party Invitations

Halloween party invitation

Silhouettes have the uncanny ability to be classic and elegant or creepy and dark depending on what the subject of the silhouette is. In fact, they can be both creepy and classic at the same time, which makes them the perfect centerpiece for an elegant Halloween invitation! While silhouette clip …

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