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A Frankenstein Halloween Theme Party

Halloween theme parties can be a huge success, especially if you take a little extra time to plan. There are so many different types of spooky decorations, if you’re not careful, the party can end up looking like a jumbled mess! Try picking one classic Halloween character and base the entire party around that. In this article, we give you some tips on how to throw a kid-friendly Frankenstein bash. Read at your own risk!


  • Jack-o’-lanterns. Instead of the traditional toothless grin, carve your pumpkins using a Frankenstein pattern. This stencil can be printed off and used to create all your pumpkins. Place them on the walkway up to the door or put them in front of windows to welcome guests to the party.
  • Frankenstein’s Head Tin. This handmade craft can be used as spooky-but-cute centerpiece. These directions explain how to use an empty tin can, paint, felt, hot glue, and a few more art supplies to create a cartoon Frankenstein head suitable for a kid’s party. This project is a fun Halloween craft for ages 7 and up.
  • And More! There are plenty of common Halloween decorations that you can use for the party that you might already have. Just ask yourself: would I find this in the lab where Frankenstein was created? Some ideas are spider webs, cauldrons, laboratory beakers, and other creepy crawlies.


Frankenstein's BoltsWhile we’re not entirely sure if Frankenstein’s monster actually ate, your party guests mostly likely do! Here are a few monster-themed snacks for the party.

  • Frankenstein’s Bolts. Follow this recipe to make a sweet dessert that looks like the bolts that stick out of Frankenstein’s neck. What you need: JELL-O No Bake Peanut Butter Cup Dessert mix, milk, orange and black sprinkles, popsicle sticks, and some cups.
  • Frankenstein Brownies. Buy a box of brownie mix, and bake as directed. After they’ve cooled, cut them into even rectangles. Then, frost each brownie with the frosting you like best, adding green food coloring. Use piped icing to create the face and sprinkles for the hair. Lastly, add a piece of candy corn on each side of the brownie for Frankenstein’s bolts.
  • Science Experiment Punch. Be dramatic and add some dry ice to your punch bowl, so your beverage station looks like a bubbly, messy concoction. Here are some tips and directions on how to (safely!) use dry ice at your party.


deluxe frankenstein costumeIf you are the one throwing the party, the honor of dressing as the classic monster should be yours. Tall, green skin, flat top – you know what he looks like. These Frankenstein costumes pretty much have you covered. Not everyone can be the big guy, though, so here are a few other ideas for party goers:

  • Frankenstein’s Bride. Even monsters can fall in love, even if their partners have to be specially created just for them. Bonus points if you don’t need a wig to get your hair to look like that.
  • Mad Scientist. There would be no monster without Dr. Frankenstein himself.
  • Frankie Stein. A great way to get a tween girl excited about a “really dorky” party? Monster High. Just sayin’…

Kid’s Activities

  • Zombie Walk-Off. Set up a runway and see who has the best zombie stagger. Spectators can judge the monsters on their limp walks, expressionless faces, and chilling groans.
  • Frankenstein Marbles. To setup for this game, find an empty shoe or cereal box. Cut teeth out of the edge and flip it upside-down, so the teeth touch the table. Use paint, construction paper, googly eyes, and screws to decorate the box to look like Frankenstein. Then, place the box on the ground and mark off a starting line with masking tape. Give each kid a handful of marbles to flick into Frankenstein’s mouth. The player who gets the most wins!
  • Franken-Tag. Now is the time to use what you learned during the zombie walk-off! The rules of Franken-Tag are the same as the playground game, but in this case, if you’re tagged as “it,” you can only walk like Frankenstein.
  • Frankenstein Puppets. Set up a table for party guests to make their own monster, just like the evil doctor did. Supply craft materials like paint, markers, googly eyes, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, scissors, glue, and paper plates. Make a few puppets in advance by following these instructions and lay them on the table so kids can use them for inspiration.

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