The Halloween Artist Bazaar

Editors Note: Every so often, we find and feature some of the best Halloween decorators and artists around. Here we invite you to enter the fantastical craft fair of the Halloween Artist Bazaar …

For some Halloween can’t come around soon enough. The spooky and the macabre are seen as whimsical and beautiful. We surround ourselves with autumn things. In our imaginations bats and devils are our friends and we share a cup of coffee with cats. We dance with owls. Devils and skeletons are our muse. Toadstools smile and there is a fairy in every cupboard.

Holidays and celebrations are carried with us every day rattling around in our creative minds clamoring to be released. What some would see as just inanimate things or a blank canvas we see as a potential creation with a life of it’s own. A plastic skeleton becomes a dressed up doll, a scrap of fabric must become a bat and a vintage cup cake topper should really become a bracelet. We are an eccentric and creative lot. We are Halloween Artist. Halloween is our business.

We are collected together as a professional Halloween Artist group, Halloween Artist Bazaar. Unique hand crafted Halloween art is our way to preserve the enchanted imagery of Halloween and share with others the mystique of the holiday and its traditions. The hope is capturing the spirit of old-fashioned Halloween craft fairs and bazaars in a modern online emporium. Each artist sells their wares through their own online venues and websites and collectively promote under the Halloween Artist Bazaar name and the tag HAB.

Halloweenies, by Jynxx Designs

As of date we are twenty-two members, each offering their own unique creations and style of Halloween Art. The collective theme is spooky, whimsical, slightly macabre and at times a bit surreal. The group is focused on the positive traditional side of Halloween and fantasy imagery often reminiscent of child hood trick or treating and Halloween parties. Some of the artist members offer tongue-in-cheek lowbrow creations, nothing risqué, too gory or gruesome.
Halloween Artist Bazaar members can be found on the Artist page of the website and can be found out in the world hawking their wares through the Events page.

Handsome Me, by Spiderwood Hollow

We are professional artists dedicated to our crafts. The personalities of Halloween Artist Bazaar are expressed through each artist individual works. To tour Halloween Artist Bazaar is to walk along the gauntlet of “booths” and “shops” that are set up in a virtual reality autumn art faire. The Halloween collector will find needful things and aesthetic objects that their inner trick-or-treater longs for.

There are hand-made Halloween decorations. Some are sardonic and macabre in their offerings; skeleton vignettes from Sauvage Raven Creations and sewn ornaments from Evil Lily originals. Some are spooky in a mischievous sort of way like crochet haunted houses and ornaments from Ghost Gap. Haunting classic Hollow’s Eve motifs are brought to life through the assemblage of marble display tiles of Amy Sue Crafts. Nostalgic images are given new imagination through Twilight Faerie’s vintage inspired recycled pieces. Witches, critters and apparitions dance across the canvas and painted strokes of the paintings of V. Sarada Holt of Art By Sarada.

One can take a stroll through the surrealistic cemeteries and haunted house photography from Twisted Pixel Studio. Paper meets it’s dark and romantic conception with the styling’s of Moonspell Crafts and Tara’s Haunted Halls. One finds a snarky sardonic place in the illustrations of Intricate Knots, Cards For A Gloomy Day.

If ones broom has gotten tattered and is in need of replacement one can visit broom maker, John Paul Warren of Brooms For Sale. For costume accessories masks and dress up needs collectors can peruse offerings from several members. Should one need animal fantasy masks they can look to Magic Mirror Fairy Tale Fantasy Store where they will find paper Mache masks, flowing capes and ribbon crowns. Soiled Dove’s Mercantile offers leather fantasy masks as well as feather combs and miniature witches hats. Bizarre glow in the dark trippy masks come from the mind of Psychelicatt. Offerings of Twilight Faerie include faerie head wreaths and accessories for all the best-dressed faeries.

Acorn Boy Fairy, by Forest Whimsy

Many of HAB artists handcraft wearable Halloween Art jewelry that is as unique as the artists themselves. Janis Logsdon of Jan’s Beads creates Dia de Los Muertos themed rosaries’ and jewelry utilizing tiny skulls and steam punk brick -a -bracks. Jynxx design’s offers eclectic arm candy, charm bracelets that capture nostalgic Halloween themes repurposing vintage objects. Julia Chibatar of Ghostgap is maker of crochet gothic themed hairpieces. Dena Arnote of Evil Lily Originals carries an eclectic mix of fanciful clothing. Youniquepagan Designs sells tongue-in-cheek pagan and witchy slogans heat pressed to cotton t-shirts.

Fantasy meets fairy tale from the hands of Dragon Fairy Designs through her dark fairy mice and sculpted dragons. Fairies and gnomes who wander the woods can find furnishings and new homes in the designs of Lucile Miles of Forest Whimsy. Creepy crawly spiders are breathed life through glass and wire in the hands of Ellen Lyon Nagel’s Spiderwood Hollow.

All these enchanted elements come together to form a proud group of talented of autumn people who create Halloween from depths of imagination and brought to fruition by hand. Halloween Artist Bazaar is constantly evolving as new Halloween Artists are discovered. Collectors can find relief for the longing for all things Halloween as artist members continually add new items to their repertoire. Through out the year holiday and themed promotions and give-aways are collaborated on from the artist members and can be found on the Noteworthy Page of the website. Our next big event will be the Great Trick Or Treat Giveaway coming Fall 2012.

Black Cat Mask, by Magic Mirror
Black Skull Rosary, by Janis Logsdon
Small Rustic Bat, by Evil Lily Originals

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