Halloween Spirit SHABBY HAG DÉCOR

How to hag it up!

(And…a little cheating never hurt anyone)

I found this great doll bed at the thrift store for 5 dollars. I knew I could hag this one up as a Halloween decoration!

Old doll bed I'm going to hag up for Halloween!

After painting it an off white color, I sanded the edges to make it appear old:
Sanding the doll bed

Here is where the “cheating” comes in to play. We’re going to craft some letters on this bed.

Lettering can be very intimidating for most folks. However, I accidentally discovered a short cut to great lettering,
using only your PC!

First , print out your lettering in a mirror image format:

backward lettering

Next, immediately place it where you want it, face down on the painted surface. If you wait too long the ink will dry, and this will not work. Rub the paper down with a pencil. Use good pressure.

BED 015

Here is how the image should appear after removing the paper:

faint lettering

Paint over the letters to darken them. Viola! Great lettering without frustrating and painstaking tracing!

BED 020

Add embellishments here and there. Simple shapes are great. If you have made Halloween decorations as a kid, you’ve learned the basics already. Polka dots and stripes work well. Bats and spider are easy additions too.

Remember, it is the total look that matters. Do not concentrate on one area too much.

There you have it! For very little money, and a great sense of accomplishment you can have a nice addition to your holiday décor.
Completed Halloween decor

By Halloween Artist: Cindy Tevis
Ebay ID: halloweenspirit01
See my current Shabby Hag creations at:
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  1. I really want to do the head in ajar but every website wants to charge for a picture.. Do you have any free pics of heads for me to can create this?


    By the way this is a great website for ideas!

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