How to Knit Up a Scary Halloween Snake Den

A snake den is a great way to set the Halloween mood – it is cute and creepy at the same time so everyone will enjoy it! They are very quick to make; you can make one for everyone in your family, and the whole neighborhood. This is a fun project for the kids to do because the knitting spool is small enough that it can be held easily.

Knitting up Some Snakes

Kitted Halloween snakes

For this project you will need:

  • Variegated knitting yarn.
  • Knitting spool with ¾ inch opening.
  • Craft googly eyes.

The knitting spool that you need can be found at any major craft store, or you can make your own – just make sure that you have an opening of 3/4″ and put 4-5 little finishing nails spaced evenly around the opening. I saw some wooden rings in the knitting department of a craft store that would work well for making a knitting loom.

IMG00461 knitted-snake-spool

Wrap the yarn on the inside around in a clockwise direction.

To begin knitting hold the yarn on the outside of your spool. Take it to the inside of the pegs and wrap it around once. When the yarn is back on the inside of the spool, wrap it around the next peg, and so on.

IMG00479 IMG00480

For the first stitches you will need to wrap the yarn around each peg twice. Then pull the lower loop up over the top of the peg and over the other loop of yarn. Then wrap the yarn around each peg and repeat the process until your snake is as long as you want.

When you have reached the length you want, cut the tail of yarn at least 6 or more inches from the snake. Thread this into a large yarn needle. Put the needle and yarn through a loop and pull it over the peg, then move onto the next one and so on, until all the loops are off the spool.

Skipping the last loop, put the needle and yarn back through a couple of loops before tying it off. If you pull this tight and then cut the yarn short (3/4” to 1”) it will look like a snakes tongue! Then simply paste on the googly eyes.

Variegated yarns can give the appearance of snakeskin and/or bands of color, but a single color decorated with plastic gems or sequins might be nice as well.

Other uses for knitted snakes:

  • Use 20-30 snakes to make a Medusa wig.
  • Make 20-30 snakes out of all black yarn to make a Rastafarian-type wig
  • Use a larger-size snake filled with candy for a party favor.
A Den of Snakes!

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