Halloween Family Costumes – A Family Affair

Okay. True confession. Yes, I love to be creative and come up with homemade costumes. It makes me feel like Woman, hear me roar. But let there be no mistake! Sometimes, I have to go with store-bought. Gasp. Horrors. Shame. But really, sometimes store-bought looks awesome:


As much as I try to be Holly Homemaker, sometimes time just doesn’t allow for it.  That’s when a little extra thought can take the already-made to wow-is-that-great! All the more fun can be had when you make it a family affair!

The 1950’s Look: A Winner

One year, I decided I wanted to dress my daughter up as a 50’s pink lady. Easy enough to find a costume for that, and oh, she looked so precious.

Of course, I still had to figure out what to dress my son as. He’s 4 years older than my dear daughter.

Then it hit me like a ton of pumpkins: we’ll do coordinating outfits! I didn’t really want to go with the Marlon Brando t-shirt and jeans deal, as it doesn’t really look all that special and festive. Hmm, what could be 50’s festive? ELVIS! Pure inspiration! Then I took it a step further and decided Mom would get into the act. Here’s how we looked:

Halloween 50's outfits

With all the available costumes out there, you can easily come up with a theme for your family. I couldn’t find an Elvis costume I liked that would fit my son, so we just made it up with a leather jacket, wig, and sunglasses.

As Elvis would say, “thank you, thank you very much…”

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