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Halloween Game Idea – Ghost Hunting!

At a kid’s Halloween party once, I participated in a cool game that would make a great addition to any party, kids or adults. It’s goofy enough to get in some good laughs, and kids will go wild with fun! I call it Ghost Hunting, and it involves you, a ghost, and some stomping. It’s just you and your ghostly ally…. against the WORLD!! For best results, have at least five players. The more the merrier!

Here is what you need:

  • String
  • Black Marker
  • Glow sticks that can wrap around you like a bracelet or a necklace.
  • Glow-in-the-dark balloons/white balloons and a black light.

First, grab a balloon and blow him up. Next, draw the creepiest ghoul face you can muster. The scarier the face, the more likely your opponents will wet themselves, and therefore give you more time for stomping! Also, don’t forget to name him. Something not too out of the ordinary… Dexter, William, Casper or Gretchen.

If by any chance your little friend should fall due to the enemy during combat, you are obligated to call out your ghosts name and ask why. I shall demonstrate for you… “POP!! No, Dexterrrrrrrrr! Whyyyyyyyyy???!!!!”

Next, tie your scary teammate to your ankle. Don’t have too much string between the two of you, or he will be near impossible to defend. However, you don’t want him right on your heal either, unless you like bleeding heals 🙂

Finally, throw on some glow sticks to avoid crashing into each other, and hit the lights! If using a black light to make the white balloons glow, turn that one on now. If you start feeling something touching you but don’t see any glow sticks nearby, stay calm, you are merely being groped by an actual ghost. So be sure you all decide on a safe word before you hit the lights… Tee Hee!!


  • No grabbing or holding any opponents.
  • No non-ghost allies.
  • No covering your ghost.
  • Once your ghost has passed on to the next world, you must sit out. Do not attempt to stomp anymore ghosts.
  • The partner of the last ghost standing wins!


  • Have multiple ghosts attached per game. Three on the same ankle for example.
  • Team ups. Four vs. four for example. (Two Ghosts and Two Humans.)
  • No glow sticks. (This is a more dangerous version, and therefore more awesome!)

Good William hunting!!

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  1. When it comes to Halloween costumes most of the kids love to wear ghost hunting while participating a cool game. These games will be more interesting with different types of ghost mask like pirates masks and so on. It also includes rules while playing and some of the variations too. Moreover it will be playing in dark light. I am eagerly waiting for the final day to come to celebrate the festival.

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