Haunted Duck Pond

How to Create a Haunted Duck Pond Game

Supplies needed:

  • Floating ducks or other Halloween items that can float
  • Black sharpie marker
  • Snow saucer or other wide, shallow container that holds water
  • Black plastic or black garbage bags
  • Hot glue gun
  • Outdoor table
  • Water
  • Two prize containers (#1 toys and #2 candy)

If you have a lot of pre-schoolers, you have to do a Haunted Duck Pond! It is so easy and takes very little time to pull one together. Take a snow disc or shallow container and put it on your table. Cover the table and the container in black plastic or garbage bags (cut open the garbage bags for twice as much coverage!) Hot glue moss and twigs from your yard all around the outside edge of the table and container.

Buy a bag of small rubber ducks and use a sharpie marker to draw on slightly scary faces. Write a #1 or #2 on the bottom of each duck – the number tells them if they get a prize (beware of choking hazards for prizes) or a piece of candy. Fill the snow saucer with water, put in the ducks, and viola, you have yourself a fun game for your little trick or treaters!

Time to make: The duck pond will take about an hour, depending on how much you want to decorate it. The ducks just take a few minutes.

  1. We glued pairs of prongs from white plastic forks onto our ducks for our “vampire ducks” in our haunted duck pond. Alternatively, you can also attach a dot of hot glue and pull away slowly as the glue cools to attach your own fangs. We then used white fingernail polish to color the fangs white.

  2. NOT A GAME: But a cool addition to your yard!
    Another idea would be to take a kids plastic pool and paint i black. Use water and red food coloring in the pool. Get dry ice. Place some of your fake hands or feet coming out and put twigs and moss around. And a couple lights pointing at it.

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