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Host an Undead Wedding Party

It’s almost that time of year again – Halloween is almost upon us! While most of the world thinks about dressing up in costumes or going trick or treating, there are other uses for this holiday … like weddings! If you are into ghosts, goblins, and all that is ghoulish, this is one wedding and reception nobody will forget!

Black goth calla liliesThis is a great way to welcome in the spookiest aspects of your personality. Though you may not think of Halloween as a time for a wedding, it can be really fun. If your personality is geared around this theme then you can create the perfect “undead wedding reception”. This obviously will depend heavily on the right party decorations to pull it off … as well as the cooperation of the, urr, undead wedding party (had to use a double entendre here!) If you’re having a “normal” wedding beforehand, have your wedding party then dress as zombies and ghouls for the dinner reception! The groom can dress in an elaborate Victorian costume with top hat, and the bride can change into a dress that looks like it’s been buried for far too long.

Dark But Special Decorations

Awesome wedding cake, by noblerobinette @ Flickr

For the reception, start with the tables and work your way out. For table decorations, you may find that using elements such as table crystals really take things up a notch. However, instead of the traditional clear crystals, look for black ones. Continue the theme with black tablecloths, black napkins, black flowers, and even black, Gothic chair covers. This needs to not only set the tone for the wedding and the theme but drape the venue in that perfect shade for the undead. If you believe your guests to be comfortable with this “not quite traditional” wedding reception, continue with a centerpiece of jellied eyeballs at each table.

Try some other subtle hints to add to each table: glue small skeletons to the place card holders. Even better, instead of simply numbering the tables, give each one a ghoulish name – “The Skeleton Table,” “The Shaun of the Dead Table”, “the Corpse Bride table,” etc. Each table can also feature something distinctive, such as a Shaun of the Dead action figure for that table, (which you can find at Amazon.) You can also make a contest where someone at the table will win the centerpiece.

Glamorously Dark

Away from the table, decorate the rest of the room with black and orange streamers, spiders hanging from the ceiling, cobwebs along the corners of the walls, and skull vases to hold the flowers. Finally, “top off” the cake with an undead bride and groom cake topper (I’ve seen these at Etsy.)

This can be a really fun theme and a great way to enjoy your special day. If you want to capture that perfect undead theme then get the right party decorations and make this really shine … err, dimly lit, as the wedding to remember!

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