How To Make Your Face Up Like A Zombie

If you know anything about trends in Halloween costumes then you do know that Zombie make-up is hot! Just look at all the Zombie walks that take place all over the world in big cities like Toronto, New York and London.

The first thing you need is a clean slate so be sure to wash your face. Apply a white powdered base all over your entire face so you get that ghostly, sickly pallor. You can use very porcelain colored light liquid or porcelain make-up, or you could buy commercial grease paint or pancake in a ghostly green, white or yellow color. Be sure to do your neck down to where you will be covered in shabby clothing.

Next, get a dark eyeshadow, eyeliner or stick of black grease paint and hollow out your eyes and your cheeks. Make yourself look as deathly as possibly. Be sure to black your eyes completely. You can experiment with gray shades as well to get the most rotted and haunted look possible.

You also have the option of drawing rotted teeth and gums on your upper and lower chin areas. Following your natural gum line, outline where your teeth are using a black crayon until you achieve that grinning skull-like effect. You can then fill in the teeth with a bit of white or yellow grease paint to teeth.

Applying false lashes is also appropriate because the hair keeps on growing after you are dead. If you can find white false eyelashes, that is perfect.

Yet another nice touch is to pack on the baby powder or a loose gray powder. A bit all over the face and in the hair makes it look like you are covered in graveyard dirt. You could try mixing a little black food coloring with flour and pat it on your face and hair as well for that crusted look.

No Zombie look is complete without some fake blood. You can buy the commercial stuff from a store or you can make your own. All you need to do is add one to two tablespoons of red food coloring, a drop of blue or green food coloring and a bit of chocolate syrup to one cup of corn or pancake syrup. You can mix this well with small amounts of water until your blood has the desired consistency. You can then drip or smear the blood where you look. A good idea is to dribble blood into your hairline and let it dribble down your head. You can also have it dribbling down your checks and, of course, your mouth.

If you want your blood to be less runny you can try using honey mixed with red and blue food coloring.

If you want to look like you have just been eating your neighbor’s brains then you should pour some fake blood onto the palm of your hand and them slurp at it to get a smear of blood on your mouth. You can also let it dribble down your chin, onto your chest and all over your costume to achieve a very convincing zombie like effect.

Happy moaning!

Check out a more advanced video tutorial if you wish to have scars and rotting flesh on your face as well – yum!

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