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Make Fake Blood in 3 Easy Steps – And Other Slimy Creations

Buckets of fake blood work great to decorate your haunted house, your Halloween party or as a game of Dunk Tank (Replace water with blood). I do not recommend the Dunk Tank option unless you have enough money to get a good clean-up crew. It can get really messy!

Step 1:  Prepare your ingredients

You will need:

  • 1 Cup Corn Syrup
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • Food Coloring (4 Drops +/- as needed)

Step 2: Mix your ingredients!

Mix the corn syrup, water and food coloring together to create that bloody consistency you want. Add cornstarch to give your blood a more coagulated look. If you would like to make more blood simple double the ingredients.

Example: 1 cup corn syrup to 2 cups corn syrup and ½ cup water to 1 cup water.

Step 3: Enjoy and Have a very Bloody Halloween!

It’s safe to ingest, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Make fake blood for Halloween

Other Slimy, Gooey Gross Decorations

Fake pus gooey liquid for HalloweenTo Make Pus:

Mix lotion and water. Add 1-2 drops of yellow or green food coloring to the mixture to give a particular sickly look.


Uses: A good option for those of you who are becoming The Infected (Zombies) this Halloween or any Undead Sickly escaped hospital patient!

To Make Slime:

Mix water, lotion and lime gelatin together. Add cornstarch to get a more opaque look. Refrigerate to get a more solid slimy consistency.

Add 1-3 drops of green food coloring if you want a really deep green look.


Uses: Another good option for Zombie costumes and Alien costumes or haunted houses featuring themes with Aliens or Zombies.

Creepy Halloween skullTo Make a Bloody Skull

First, you will need to purchase a novelty skull from your local Halloween store.

Make cherry or strawberry gelatin and mix in some corn syrup. Refrigerate for allotted time on package. After the mix is sufficiently more solid, add red food coloring (if a really red color is desired), and push pieces of the red gelatin into the skull. Hang up somewhere and watch as the gelatin slowly melts and slides down the skull.


Uses: A good decoration for any haunted house or outside decorations for your home. Just beware the mess!

Brain Mold:

You will need to purchase a brain cake/pie/gelatin mold. Depending on the colors you want, mix those gelatin flavors together.

Example: If you want a green and purple zombie brain, add green food coloring and mix blue and red food coloring into the gelatin mix. Refrigerate.

If you want a more string-like look, add cooked spaghetti noodles to your gelatin mix and then refrigerate. Add pasta sauce to the noodles for bloody noodles!

Note: You may also use it as a cake mold or meat mold (meatloaf) if you like. Both work great!

Uses: A great centerpiece for any Halloween party, a delicious treat for the kids or a great decoration for your Haunted House or walk-through.

Great to eat, especially if you’re a zombie!

Brain mold for Halloween

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