Quick Halloween Party Ideas

The holiday season is creeping up on us all. First to come is Halloween, and this year you’re hosting a Halloween bash. While you would like a party that all the boys and ghouls continue talking about for years to come, you’ll settle for an enjoyable time that goes off without a hitch. The only problem is that you have no idea where to start; you’ve never done anything like that before. You want your party to be creative and fun, with just a hint of spookiness and fright. But where should one begin? With a little time and inspiration, your party will be one of both taste and flair.

Fortunately, there’s a complete Halloween guide for you, called Party Halloween – go over there and check it out! I’ll wait … okay, did you buy it? Great! Here’s some more ideas …

Once you’ve decided on a Halloween party theme, it’s time to set the spooky mood with a fun party invitation. If you’ve gone all-out and turned your house into a specially decorated haunted house, you want partygoers to know your bash is going to be the real deal; spooky gatherings call for equally spirited invites. You can order custom invitations, use the variety of templates in the Halloween ebook, or access your inner artist and create some yourself.

Party Halloween ebookWhatever you decide, consider some miniature plastic spiders inside the envelope for an extra surprise. If you can deliver the invitations yourself, have fun with props. Stick the invite in an apothecary-style bottle or have mini boxes filled with fake, gummy body parts. However, if time is of the essence there are numerous online retailers offering some great selections of spooky Halloween invites, Storkie is a retailer I have used with success.

Many people are under the impression that decorating for a holiday has to be expensive, but that could not be further from the truth. It is possible to find spooky décor ideas to fit any budget. Buy some plastic spiders and fake cobwebs and go to town on your house. Add a colony of bats to your walls, guiding guests to the main party area. Just find a bat template (or draw one of your own) and cut out various sizes of bats from black cardstock. Fold the bats in half and attach to your walls with double sided tape (or duct tape if they’re outside), keeping in mind that bats generally fly in a stream, following one another. For the exterior of your house be sure to find a lot of pumpkins. Add some fake ravens, found at many craft stores, to your front yard for an eerie entrance to your home.

Once you’ve got your decorations figured out and placed, it’s time to figure out party fare. Finger foods are generally ideal for Halloween parties, as they are easier to eat while in costume. Make some ‘bones’ out of pretzel sticks with mini marshmallows attached to each end and dipped in white chocolate. Create ‘mummy’ pizzas out of English muffin halves, topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese strips, with olive eyes peeking out. Serve salsa or pico de gallo with a sour cream ‘spider web’ over the top. Simply put some sour cream in an icing bag and draw a web over the top and be sure to add some plastic spiders for added effect. And no Halloween party is complete without some caramel, candied, or chocolate covered apples.

Of course all the devilishly delicious food will leave the goblins feeling thirsty. If you’d like to serve some apple cider, up the fright ante by adding some ‘shrunken heads’. Fill a large cauldron with apple cider, either homemade or store-bought, and add apples that have been peeled and have faces cut out of them. As you simmer the cider, the ‘heads’ will shrink.

For a bone-chilling drink, serve punch with a ‘hand’ inside. Fill a non-powder surgical glove with water and freeze. Remove the glove, and add your hand-shaped ice to the punch. This works best with ‘blood’, or red punch. If you’d rather serve bottled drinks halve a pumpkin, scoop out the insides, fill with ice, and use as a party cooler.

Andrea Boley is a writer, blogger and a mom to twin boys (who love Halloween!). Her educational and parental backgrounds given her a solid foundation from which to draw experience and expertise in an array of topics, and she is always happy to share her passion for life and experiences through her writing.

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