Recipe: Creepy Kraken (Sea Monsters) in Seaweed


My littlest has a fascination with “octopus”-like sea monsters. She’s afraid of them…yet unendingly curious. (And yes, obviously we tell her they’re not real…especially at bedtime.) So when we found loads of fun “hot dog octopus” recipes, we knew we had to try them out. They were an instant hit with …

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Spooky Kids Snacks

Mummy hotdogs Halloween treat

While Halloween is always fun for adults, it’s the kids who absolutely delight in all things creepy and scary. Add to their fun this year, both at parties and just for some every day Halloween excitement, with these Spooky (and delicious) Snacks! Ghost Cookies 20 Oreo Cookies 1 Tub Vanilla …

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Witches Brew on a Broomstick


“Hubble, bubble, a dead man’s stubble, … A poisoned well became my task, A fog crowned night in stealth I crept And in the vacant mouth I poured A leprous flask of blasted sin.” William Shakespeare, Macbeth You will love serving this delightfully cheesy brew instead of the same old …

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Graveyard Surprise Cake

graveyard surprise ingredients

The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out! I dare you to enter this dark, spooky graveyard and dig in the dirt. When you do, you will discover worms and the slimy (but yummy!) layers beneath the dirt. This gelatin concoction is great for kids’ parties. It is fun and …

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Haunted Ghost Cake (with real flaming eyes!)

Making the ghost cake

Boo! What is a Halloween party without a little haunting and some magic? This ghost will surprise and delight guests of any age when you turn off the lights and let the flaming eyes dance and dazzle. It will be spooky! Not only is this cake simple and fun to …

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Pumpkin Brains (aka Spaghetti in a Pumpkin)

pumpkin spaghetti

One of my favorite family Halloween traditions is eating spaghetti in a pumpkin on Halloween night. Every year, without fail, my dad would hollow out a pumpkin while my mom cooked the spaghetti, and we would feast at the table. It is a bit messy and time consuming if you …

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Yummy Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin Cookies

The highlight of Halloween when I was growing up were the pumpkin cookies. The recipe originally came from a can of Libby’s pumpkin, but we have tweaked the recipe a bit and made it our own. My mom would spend hours tirelessly (well, maybe not tirelessly) making the cookies so …

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Banana Brain Cake

Brain cake

Your guests will be delightfully disgusted to see you serving a brain on a platter. Easy fondant icing helps you create a brainy surface that looks realistic. The fun begins, though, when you slice into it and banana pudding oozes out! Bring out your inner cannibal with this tasty idea. …

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Doom Cupcakes

“Doom” has several different definitions. The most familiar meaning of the word is “destruction,” or “ruin,” but an older definition is fate or destiny. These cupcakes incorporate both meanings of the word. They are decorated for Halloween to look like a little slice of the graveyard, but they can also …

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Marshmallow Monster Eyes

These sweet, squishy Halloween treats look positively unnerving staring up from a party platter. For the ultimate in gross realism, the eyeballs gush “eyeball jelly” when eaten. Gross… but very tasty! Kids love these, but they do have a lot of sugar. So, unless you have padded walls, it is …

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Coffin Cake

This beautiful coffin-shaped cake is the perfect dessert to add a little bit of class to your Halloween party. In fact, why limit the recipe just to Halloween? This cake would also make an outstanding birthday cake, either for the morbid Goths in your social circle or for an over-the-hill …

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