The Terrible Chase Zombie Game!

Looking for a zombie game? Here’s how to have a Zombie Chase at Your Halloween Party!

This zombie game is no ordinary race, because everyone knows that zombies carry a deadly zombie virus. If you’re attacked, you will become a zombie. That mere scientific fact makes this a race for your life.

Both teens and adults will “die” from excitement with this zombie race game. But death is only temporary when it comes to zombies, so watch out!

It takes a little preparation to create a frightfully good chase, but don’t let that scare you. It’s well worth it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

    • To distinguish whether guests are zombies or humans, either green and orange ribbons with safety pins. Or get elaborate with green T-shirts or a mask for each zombie.

Halloween Zombie Chase Game

  • “Checkpoint Flags” (simple colored strips of construction paper will do).
  • Space to have a race course such as a large back yard or neighborhood block.
  • A facilitator: someone to hand out ribbons or T-shirts and tell humans and zombies when they can start.
  • A map if the course if very involved.

The zombie chase is a race from a start line to a finish line. There are two teams: humans and zombies. Participants wear either orange or green ribbons to distinguish which group they belong to. You could also purchase green T-shirts (or any color if you find a good deal) for the zombies to wear. If you use ribbons, orange represents humans and green zombies. Zombies get extra zombie ribbons or T-shirts they’ll give to humans they infect.

Start with four humans to every one zombie. You’ll determine who will play which by a draw. To do this, you could put four orange ribbons to every green ribbon in a bowl. Participants close their eyes and randomly draw to see which team they will be on.

The object of the chase is for humans to make it from the start line to the finish line, gathering all the checkpoint flags along the way, without getting tagged by a zombie. Checkpoints are set throughout the race (see illustration for an example). Humans must visit each checkpoint to gather a colored flag (construction paper is fine, but you could also use cloth). Each checkpoint should have a different colored flag. The checkpoints are safe zones where zombies cannot attack humans.

In this zombie game, once a human has been tagged by a zombie, the virus acts fast. The zombie who tags the human gives the new zombie either a T-shirt or ribbon. This new zombie’s mission becomes infecting more humans.

All humans get a short head start (even just a few seconds). The amount of time for the head start is determined by the length of your race. The longer the race course, the more fun it will be. Organizing a zombie chase for your entire block or neighborhood is a great idea!

The first human to make it to the finish line with all of his or her checkpoint flags wins. The zombie wins if all humans become infected!

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