The Monster Reborn Doll Trend is So Big, It’s Scary


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Q: What’s scarier than a doll? You know, like…any old doll.


A: Not much, at least if you ask my husband. 

Okay, so then let’s get a little more specific. What’s even more terrifying than a baby doll sitting propped on the dresser in the dead of night?

How about a sweet-cheeked vinyl form that’s been taken apart, painted and all dolled up into a vampire, zombie or even a werewolf?

If you haven’t heard of reborn dolls, you’re late to the game: refurbishing factory-made dolls is a 15-year-old phenomenon (and counting). Today, there are kits specifically designed for reborn artists – hobbyists with mad skillz and a heavy dash of creativity – to craft their own realistic babies and toddlers.

While reborn dolls have been hot nearly since their inception, in recent years an entirely new subcategory arrived on the reborn doll scene: horror  and fantasy reborns. These creepy kiddies mimic the Halloween monster icons we know and (yes, we’re weird) love.

Create Your OWN Horror Doll: Click Here for Instructions


Even vampire babies need to eat. Image:

And guess what: they’re not necessarily Halloween decor. Reborn “adoptive moms” adore their little monsters and dress, pose and even “feed” them, using bottles mixed to look like blood (for vampires) or toxic waste and body fluids (for little zombies).

What accounts for the phenomenon?



Part of the draw may be the idea of “mothering” a child in need, a practice that – in roleplaying form – isn’t actually new at all. It’s just that today, it’s okay to play…even if you’re an adult. (Yeah, we’re for it!)

And with a growing interest across the globe in all things haunted and creepy, reborn monster dolls seem to fit the bill for offbeat and unique collectors.

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Perhaps one of the largest draws, though, is the extreme realism of a reborn doll when combined with the creepiness factor.

Reborn dolls are, after all, meant to be as realistic as possible. And though technically there can’t be a realistic zombie or werewolf – since these creatures of the otherworld don’t actually exist – putting the idea onto dimensional skin tone and high-quality glass eyes, as well as carefully rooted hair, give these monster kids a boost of authenticity.

But beware: the scariest thing about these creepy kids may be the price. Reborn dolls can run anywhere from $100-700 or even as much as $1000 or more for the biggest artist names in the business. With their unique (and expensive) additions, monster reborns are often given higher price tags than standard, realistic baby dolls.


But it’s worth it to the collectors who adore their monster creations, and feel the haunted baby dolls earn their price tag for the creepy cuddle factor.

“Holding these dolls is so calming and relaxing,” says horror doll artist Marilyn Mansfield of Krypt Kiddies, UK. “The experience is very absorbing.”



  1. Love these and have 3 dolls awaiting transformation on my art/craft table.
    I never liked dolls as a child and as an adult i still believe they are evil!
    So to turn them into their true selves seems very apt to me.
    Thank-you for sharing instructions…

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