The Pre-Halloween Spring Undead Party

Most people think of spring as the time of birth and making things new again. If however you love to embrace your dark side, or are a diehard fan of Halloween, then you can make this season all about the “undead”. Yes, you read that right – some people would much rather celebrate the dark, the wretched, and the road less traveled. Spring to these people (and you know who you are – does the bright spring sun hurt more?) is all about everything being undead, and this is simply ghastly to them!

To the vampires, ghosts, and goblins of the world, this is a time where the awful light starts streaming in and the earth is so terribly waking up. If you want to reflect back on the dark and dreary days of Halloween, then consider throwing some such party ideas like a spring undead party. This is such a fun theme and a very unique way of looking at this time of usual renewal—give it an unexpected twist! If you don’t have any Halloween decorations, or they are packed away, you can still buy them any time of the year online.

Dead RosesWhat Are Those “Things” Erupting From the Ground?

Just when dark lovers and vampires everywhere thought that they were comfortably embedded in the harsh cold of winter, all of a sudden something terrible happens. The light comes back in, filtering through our windows. There’s something more than that though – there are some unfamiliar and disgusting petaled balls of bright colors coming out of the ground.

Flowers – that’s what most people call them, but to you this is nothing to celebrate. Use this to start off the theme of the party and really embrace it. Come dressed in your darkest costume, even if it’s something as simple as all black as if you are mourning. Pitch black fancy dress wigs such as the crazy mop worn by Edward Scissorhands makes a perfect mockery of flowers. You can even have a flower toss or some other smashing session of flowers. This is therapeutic in a way because you get to smash up all those supposedly innocent little flowers.

Fun for the cold winter lovers and yet actually fun as a theme for a party, even for those that normally love spring. Come with bad attitudes, frowns on your face, and do everything to show off just how miserable you are that spring is finally here!

Reflecting Back on Darkness

Edward ScissorhandsYou can’t have a spring undead party without truly embracing the darkness. One creepy idea is holding it outside in the pitch black with nothing but dim candlelight to keep your party going.

Consider draping off the venue of the party in all black and blocking any outside light for the right effect. You can come as a ghost, goblin, ghoul, vampire or other gothic fancy dress costume and really celebrate the dark side of Halloween rather than the rebirth of spring.

Your mindset is all about how awful this period of light is so go for the darkness and really celebrate it for all that it is. Consider embracing your inner “Oscar the Grouch” where everything is miserable, icky, gross, and disgusting. While others are celebrating the beautiful rebirth of flowers and all that is beautiful in spring, you’ll be hurling insults at it all day long!

Preparing Yourself for the “Season of the Retched”

Let’s be honest, this is a theme that is all about being opposite of what you feel. Though there are some people who love the cold and dark, most of us can’t wait to embrace the warm days of spring. The fun part of this is getting in touch with your dark side and celebrating all the funk and filth around you while the rest of the world embraces the rest!

So this makes for a perfect time to celebrate the terrible “season of the retched” which is otherwise known as the “summer blockbuster movie season”. It’s always a bust, there is so much hype built up around these movies and they almost always fail (even if they do make a billion gajillion dollars.)

So use this negative force at work to celebrate all that is dark with the world. Rent a few awful blockbusters from summers past (ie. anything by Michael Bay), even better if they are terrible continuations or sequels of movies that were once good (Batman & Robin?) Watch these, dressed in your darkest and gloomiest attire, and ridicule just how retched the world really is. You can actually have a lot of fun celebrating dark and gloom, and this makes for one fun dreadfully delicious party!

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