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Spooky Stories, Legends & Myths

With all the messages that bombard the average American every day is staggering. Despite iPods, laptops, WiFi, cable television, satellites, broadband, broadcast and satellite radio, a good Halloween story still has the supernatural power to cause a shiver up your spine. Your imagination will bring you back to your childhood of reading stories under the covers with a flashlight, or scaring each other around a campfire deep in a primal forest.

Below are a collection of various Halloween short stories, legends, myths and more. If you have a fun story, be sure to pass it along. If this is your first time here, be sure to bookmark this page so you can return. New tales are added all the time. Enjoy!

Poems and Short Stories

Poems and short stories, from classic chillers to the dark visions of our contributors.


Myths & Legends

Take a trip back to the misty lands of legend and myth, where the dead walk the land, tricksters fool the unwary and monsters creep around the bark of ancient trees.


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