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4 Halloween Poems


Walking down a dark street
Lit with candle flames
Knocking on a strange door
Being asked your name
Creatures roaming everywhere
Giving you a fright
Oh, it must be Halloween
The very best’est night


Memories of days gone by
Jack o lanterns glowing
Trick or treaters everywhere
With pure excitement showing
Friends and family gather ‘round
Party times then abound
These are things that we hold dear
Building memories year by year


The rustle of dry leaves under your feet
The distant smell of fire
Oh how warmth feels when its leaving the air
Our days are growing tired
Rally in the season
Enjoy it till the end
Capture the feeling
Its Halloween once again


Ever grinning
Shining bright
Lit within by candle light
From our porches they are seen
Orange soldiers of Halloween
Always watchful in the night
To guard us from an awful fright

My name is Cindy Tevis – I am a Halloween artist
I re-paint vintage décor in a style that I call “ShabbyHag”
You can find my art on ebay, under the ID halloweenspirit01
I have a showcase blog – http://www.shabbyhagdecor.blogspot.com
I also create Halloween poetry at http://www.idreamofhalloween.blogspot.com

About Cindy Tevis

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  1. Cindy,
    I really liked your poems; you get it. You get Halloween, the simplicity yet the depths.
    Bradley Shane

  2. I enjoyed these poems. They capture the feel and spirit of Halloween. Can’t wait till October!!!!!!!!

  3. I wrote a Halloween poem and got third place in a contest.Here you go:
    The Halloween Murder
    I picked you out and took you home
    Set you down so you wouldn’t roam.
    I cut open your skull and pulled off the top.
    I breathed in the smell of guts and glop.

    I gutted you like a fish,
    Not even wincing at the squish.
    Your insides I cleaned so they could cook,
    Then came closer for a better look.

    With a marker I marked the lines,
    Where the knife would make you mine.
    With my knife I got to work,
    All night long while the sly shadows lurked.

    You no longer are a pumpkin,
    Sitting in a patch with a country bumpkin.
    Now that a candle inside you burns,
    You are my grinning Jack o’ lantern.

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