By Dr. Jeanne Keyes Youngson

Baxter looked out his bedroom window at the street below. No kids in sight. Probably still eating supper, he thought.

Turning to admire his costume, which was carefully laid out on the bed, he smoothed the red satin lining of the cape with his fingertips. He grinned from ear to ear thinking of the treats he was going to have later.

He leaned over, picked up a set of plastic fangs from the bedside table and went to the mirror. The teeth slipped in easily, were in fact, a perfect fit. He made a face in the glass, looking, he mused, like a most acceptable vampire.

It was getting dark now. By the time he finished supper, the kids in the neighborhood would be out ringing doorbells. If no one answered, certain well-chosen bits of graffiti would appear on the front and sides of the house in the morning. Baxter didn’t think much of that.

He sat down on the bed to plan his evening. He’d start out with his trick-or-treat bag and proceed up the street, first to the Adams and then on to the Sloans. Everyone would, of course, be amused to see him in his Dracula outfit. “You’re such a character,” they’d say, filling his sweets and other goodies. Then he would head further down the street, and into the park.

“Baxter! Time for supper,” came an impatient voice from below.

He smiled wickedly to himself as he went down the stairs. Halloween treats tonight, and then tomorrow – his 35th birthday!

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