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The Faerie Realm of Angelique Duncan

Vinyl Bat by Twilight Faerie

Angelique Duncan, aka Twilight Faerie, is a gifted Halloween artist who creates a variety of inspiring Halloween objects, such as porcelain faeries, costume accessories, ornaments and decoupage. Her inspiration comes from vintage works and styles, and everything is handmade with loving detail. Through networking with other Halloween artists, she launched …

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In the Pumpkin Patch with Mr. Bumble Bindlegrim

The Pumpkin Dream

So there I was, tending my small pumpkin patch on the roof (not a roof-top garden, the vines had escaped my backyard and had crawled all over my bungalow) when this strange fellow, previously curled up in a leaf, emerged, yawned, and asked for some refreshments. Over a cup of …

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Beading Jewelry for Halloween

Pumpkin Shroud Wine Jewelry

Each year I try to find interesting Halloween jewelry but all I find is lots of cheap trinkets.  So last April I decided to take up beading.  Now I make my own amazing Halloween jewelry. If you can thread a needle and tie a knot, you can bead! One of …

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Halloween Clock – Reincarnated Home Decor

Giving new “life” to tired decor What a better way to create Halloween décor than through REINCARNATION! (Dr. Frankenstein would be proud!) Take some of your old discarded items and bring them “back to life.” This old plastic barometer is about to become a Vintage Style Halloween Clock: After finding …

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Interview with Lew Lehrman – Painter of Dark

I recently had a chat with Lewis Lehrman, professional watercolor artist, teacher, author and Halloween painter who showcases his work at his website Haunted Studio. He has created an incredibly rewarding niche for himself, whereby clients send him images of a house they love or have lived in, or describe …

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Butterfly Man

Outside the Manitoba morning sky was an acrylic palette of blended hues; reds, oranges, yellows; all highlighted by golden light. The morning sun lit a world filled with buds and shoots hungering for the caress of the fiery orb rising higher. Steven sipped his coffee, his kitchen forgotten as he …

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Halloween Folk Art

During the past two decades folk and fine artists have quietly been whiling away the hours in their workshops creating masterpieces for Halloween fans. As quickly as they produce their wonderful works, they sell them to eagerly waiting hands. Many of these artists have become household names thanks to decorating …

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