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Look Berry Sweet as Strawberry Shortcake

strawberry shortcake child costume

Strawberry Shortcake seems to only get sweeter with age. She’s come a long way since her original greeting card days in the 1980’s. Created as a card cartoon, she quickly gained popularity as a children’s doll with her trademark scented hair. She made a few friends along the way with …

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Kids Pirate Costumes

boy toddler pirate costume

Preparing for Halloween and other celebrations such as birthdays involves shopping for costumes. Costumes have an important role in Halloween or any other festivities and more so for kids. Kids costumes for parties have taken a huge leap over the years, making it easier for the parents to dress their …

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Fairy Costume Ideas

blue fairy costume

Fairy costumes have always been popular for Halloween parties. In every party you will find many young girls and women dressed as fairies. The reason behind the popularity  is their classical and exotic look. Moreover, the ample varieties in fairy costumes also make it easy for women to dress uniquely. …

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Halloween Fun and the Plus-Sized Child

There are endless varieties of Halloween costumes for babies, children, teens, and young adults. It doesn’t matter if you’re the type of parent who is more conservative (those cleavage-showing costumes which have no place in your daughter’s closet or under your roof at all), or if you’re a bit more …

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The Most Popular Halloween Costumes of the Past 5 Years

Some people choose Halloween costumes that are classics and have been around forever and will continue to stand the test of time. Other people choose a trendy Halloween costume related to current events, politics, or popular characters of that year. But nothing dictates Halloween costumes more than which blockbuster movies …

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Halloween Family Costumes – A Family Affair

Okay. True confession. Yes, I love to be creative and come up with homemade costumes. It makes me feel like Woman, hear me roar. But let there be no mistake! Sometimes, I have to go with store-bought. Gasp. Horrors. Shame. But really, sometimes store-bought looks awesome: As much as I …

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Pop Out this Imaginative Halloween Costume!

  Looking for that perfect Halloween costume you can easily craft at home? The secret is to create a costume that is engaging, somewhat humorous, and very different from the usual fare. We’ve all seen the witches, fairies, and miscellaneous monsters ad nauseum! Creating this costume, however, ensures you will …

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