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Look Berry Sweet as Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake seems to only get sweeter with age. She’s come a long way since her original greeting card days in the 1980’s. Created as a card cartoon, she quickly gained popularity as a children’s doll with her trademark scented hair. She made a few friends along the way with the equally delicious names of Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Meringue, and Raspberry Torte, to name a few. A story subsequently developed around Strawberry Shortcake, her friends, and their pets living together in Strawberryland and they all enjoyed immense fame as an 80’s fad. Not even fragrant hair, however, could keep the Shortcake craze alive and her popularity began to wane in the late 80’s.

Yet for a “berry” sweet girl, she’s tough to keep down! The Shortcake franchise has been revived several times and Hasbro recently put out a new line of toys featuring Strawberry and all her friends. Now, three decades after her birth, you can see the dessert darling in television series, feature films, video games, dolls and adorable Halloween costumes.

strawberry shortcake child costumeWith her revival has come an entirely new look and it’s created a kid-friendly, fun, and pretty costume series for young girls this Halloween. Girls can go as Miss. Shortcake herself in a silk dress with a built-in, high waisted, pink polka-dotted skirt. To match with the strawberry theme, the dress comes with green and white striped stockings and, to top it all off, a strawberry brimmed hat. Good accessories to consider would be a bright pink wig and a strawberry Trick or Treat pail that is as functional as it is fashionable.

Whatever your sweet tooth, there are plenty of choices in her friends’ costumes. Blueberry Muffin, the studious one of the bunch, has an ensemble which features a tiered pink and blue dress with a silk blue jacket attached, fastened with a blueberry detail. Striped green tights are included as well as a headband with matching blueberry detail. Blue would be the wig of choice for this outfit.

Shortcake’s fashionable friend, Raspberry Torte, is stylish in a pink and green, long-sleeved dress with dark pink bolero overtop. She has a striped green belt with raspberry detail, and matching tights and headband. Like her fellow berry friend, she can wear a bright pink wig as well.

Strawberry’s sunny friend, Lemon Meringue, looks positively radiant in a yellow and blue dress with a high waisted skirt, green bow, and lemon detailing. She has brightly coloured tights and a lemon-wedge hair clip. A yellow wig ties the sunshine-fresh feel of this costume together nicely.

If you remember the good ol’ days of Strawberry Shortcake, there are classic costumes available with a striped top featuring a Strawberry Shortcake logo, simple blue plants, and her trademark hat with a plump strawberry in the brim.

Whether your young lady goes as a shortcake, muffin, meringue, or torte, she’s sure to look deliciously adorable in a Strawberry Shortcake themed costume. Indulge in dessert minus the calories!

Fairy Costume Ideas

Image credit: Pinterest, Jennifer Howard

Fairy costumes have always been popular for Halloween parties. Go to any dress up party and you’re sure to find young girls and women (and men, particularly on the heels of Lord of the Rings elvish popularity) dressed as fairies.

The reason is easy to understand: fairies and elves have a classical and exotic look.

Moreover, the ample varieties in fairy costumes make it easy for women to dress uniquely, truly expressing their own fairy “flavor,” whether that’s sweet and winged, sexy, traditional, or kick-A, a la The Hobbit’s Tauriel.

And let’s not forget the accessories! (Can I get a “yes please”?) Awesome ears (see image at right), butterflies, flowers and more – you can do all of this and add your own special creativity to your gorgeous fairy costume.

If you are planning to attend a Halloween party this year, or host your own, choose one of the stylish designed fairy costumes and be truly magical. Here’s how.

Choose Your Fairy Style

There are many varieties of fairy costumes available in the market. But don’t stop there – you can craft one of your own.

Credit: costumedirect.co.uk

Buy a basic skirt and tank top (try Etsy for cool selections) and add on whatever you’d like that’s truly magical.

You can opt for a classical gothic costume or a sensuous sexy fairy costume, or choose a famous fairy, such as Tinkerbell (aww!).

You can even be one of Sleeping Beauty’s protectors – remember the three fairies in the cottage? Or be a bippety-boppety-boo fairy godmother.

Glamming Things Up

Credit: Etsy, CuffandCrown

Depending on what you choose, your costume should be elegantly designed and feature skirts, silk flowers, traditional pointed ears, wings and other matching decorations and accessories. You can also shop separately for accessories and add them to the costume to give you a unique fairy look.

Hint: You’ll find some COOL stuff at consignment and thrift shops, including filmy pieces of material and nifty shoes. And you’ll save beaucoup bucks!

Be Original

Whatever you choose for your fairy costume, remember: today, anything goes for Halloween. And we do mean anything!

Grab some cool ears, something filmy, and you’re good to go. After that, it’s all up to you and your imagination.

Now hurry and grab me a pumpkin – I’m late to the ball!



Halloween Fun and the Plus-Sized Child

There are endless varieties of Halloween costumes for babies, children, teens, and young adults. It doesn’t matter if you’re the type of parent who is more conservative (those cleavage-showing costumes which have no place in your daughter’s closet or under your roof at all), or if you’re a bit more liberal with what your children are allowed to wear for Halloween (a vampire with a blood red pentagram patched into your teens forehead wouldn’t bother you at all), there is literally something for everyone on Halloween.

One of the best things about Halloween is that it is one of the few holidays where you don’t have to spend a dime to participate; Your child can make a decent Halloween costume with various things lying about your home, or in your closet. However, finding costumes for plus-size kids can be a little more difficult than finding costumes for the average sized child. This is because many Halloween shops only offer “one size” costumes, many which will not fit a plus-sized child.

Halloween pumpkin and child

Over the last few years, many new costumes on the market come in a variety of sizes – most of these will be found at large, online Halloween stores where they can afford a much larger selection. Thus, if your child is looking for the latest Disney costume, chances are good you’ll find your child’s size online.

Costume Ideas

The all-time number one costume for the plus-size child, that is Halloween themed and an absolute classic, is a good old Halloween Pumpkin. There are many creative ways to go about making a Halloween pumpkin costume. A simple one is to get a bright orange piece of fabric – cut it in a circle making a small hole for the head in the center and using a draw-string at the bottom, around the thigh or knee area. Many costume shops sell Pumpkin-costumes that are large and simply need to be “slipped” on.

Princess or other fairytale costumes are easy to make. Simply buy or wear an existing fancy gown, add a crown, a wand, and shoes. Add glitter to your child’s face, slip on some velvet gloves, and viola, your child is ready for the ball! For Alice in Wonderland, cut out an image of her “usual” look (blue dress, white body apron, black hair bow and white stockings) and look for those items in a clothing or second-hand store. Have her carry a bag with a teapot on it while trick or treating!

Superheroes are also a popular costume idea, and can be easy made with regular clothes. Find an extra-large spandex shirt, Iron a superhero emblem to the front, and stuff some shirts in the arms to make impressive, superhero biceps! A mask completes this heroic effect!

Anything with a mask is the next great option – everything from a werewolf, vampire, and celebrity masks can be easily found in any costume shop. Throw on some clothes but the Internet is where this method of finding a mask really shines. Around Halloween time, eBay is a cornucopia of Halloween costumes, and you can most likely find either a brilliantly made costume mask or even have one custom-made for you through an eBay vendor.

If you can’t find a witch costume in your child’s size, you can easily make it at home, or with a small shopping list.


  1. A long, black wig (purchased from any local Hair Shop)
  2. Green camouflage face paint (purchased from Wal-Mart or a dollar store)
  3. A black dress, available for around $10-15 dollars. This is such a common item around Halloween – they’ll have it in a variety of sizes.

In wearing the black dress of choice, next apply the face paint, and then finally the wig. Behold, you have your very own Wicked Witch of the West! An innocent Halloween costume that is sure to impress, regardless of age, size, or budget. Wicked Witch masks are common at Halloween time as well. In combining these two methods, the plus-sized child has the perfect costume for Halloween fun.

An overweight child shouldn’t have to be restricted from the same Halloween fun that all children enjoy. Just like any Halloween costume, the only limit to what can be done for a Halloween costume is the parent’s or the child’s imagination. For everyone, especially children, imagination is a limitless thing!

Mary Williams of WeightLossTriumph is a freelance writer providing tips and advice for consumers. She often writes about reviews for online weight loss diet plans.

The Most Popular Retro Halloween Costumes (2004-2008)

Some people choose Halloween costumes that are classics and have been around forever and will continue to stand the test of time.

Other people choose a trendy Halloween costume related to current events, politics, or popular characters of that year. (And this is a matter of taste. We’ve done it ALL and loved every one!)

But nothing dictates Halloween costumes more than which blockbuster movies were released that year! Here is a list of the most popular Halloween costumes of the past five years.

2004 – The year 2004 was all about Spiderman, with 2.15 million children dressing as their favorite superhero that year. Not just for the boys, Spiderman was also the top men’s costume of 2004. The Spiderman trend was due to the release of the movie Spiderman 2 that year. Little girls went with the classics that year with princesses and witches being the top costume picks. The most popular women’s costume for 2004 was Paris Hilton.

2005 – 2005 was the year of Star Wars thanks to the movie Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith being released that year. The most popular costume for men and boys was Darth Vader or Chewbacca, for women and girls it was Princess Leia or Princess Amidala. Little girls that year also took to the classics with fairies and Barbie being close behind the Star Wars costumes. For little boys in 2005 Superman was the second most popular.

2006 – In 2006, because of the release of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, the  most popular costumes were pirates. For men and boys the top costume was Captain Jack Sparrow which was just ahead of Superman and Darth Vader. For women it was also a pirate costume that was the most popular, followed by Marie Antoinette-style 18th century “Elizabeth Swan” gowns. Little girls once again stuck with the classic fairies and princesses that year.

2007 – This was the year that Spiderman 3 was released, making the black Spiderman costume the most popular for boys and men. Captain Jack Sparrow was also still a popular choice for both as well as Shrek. For women that year many chose a sexy police officer or villain themed costume. Little girls in 2007 chose Princess Fiona as the most popular costume choice followed by fairies and princesses once again.

2008 – This was Iron Man’s year as it was the most popular Halloween costume for men and boys, followed by the Dark Knight. For boys, Harry Potter was also a popular costume in 2008. For men, due to it being an election year, political costumes were hot. Woman this year were dressing as classic witches and cats. For girls in 2008, Hannah Montana was the costume to have followed by the ever popular princess and fairy.

This post was contributed by Kelly Rockey, who writes about Halloween costumes over at StarCostumes.com.

Pop Out this Imaginative Halloween Costume!


Thanks to Halloween Alliance guest contributor Kate Baldwin for this cute and imaginative tutorial!


Looking for that perfect Halloween costume? Feeling crafty? Then have I got a tutorial for you!

The secret to the perfect child’s costume is to create an outfit that is engaging, somewhat humorous, and stands out from the usual fare.

Creating this cute popcorn costume ensures you will proudly strut your stuff on All Hallow’s Eve, earning compliments and rave reviews from just about every reveler you might meet. My daughter won a large costume contest in this getup and so can you! Here’s how to make your own.

The Popcorn Costume: Materials and Directions

The Popcorn Costume is suitable for a child or adult and can be made quite easily in a single afternoon. Allow extra time for the paint and glue to dry. No sewing is needed and the cost is minimal. What could be more perfect?

The project is also fun for parents to complete with a child, provided everyone saves enough popcorn for the costume!

In terms of materials needed, the list is short. You’ll need:

  • a large cardboard box (for example, a moving box)
  • red and white tempera paint
  • a glue gun
  • a headband or cap you don’t mind donating to the costume cause
  • lots of popcorn!

Here’s how I made my award-winning Popcorn Box costume:

  1. Cut out the bottom (or top, depending on your perspective!) of a cardboard box. This becomes the place where your legs will emerge.
  2.  On the opposite side, cut out a large-enough hole to accommodate your head. Be sure to leave room to allow for easy entry and removal.
  3. With the box on the wearer, mark the places on the box from which the arms would comfortable emerge. Cut out circular holes there. Try on the box, of course, to make sure it fits comfortably.
  4. Now comes the fun part! The box is going to be vertically striped red and white, like an old-fashioned box of popcorn. I measured it off using a ruler, allowing 2” for each stripe, and I marked the lines lightly in pencil directly on the box. Paint the stripes on, alternating red and white. Allow the paint to dry.
  5. While the box is drying, using the bottom you cut out of the box, cut out two cloud-shaped ovals. Mine were 18” x 9” but you can alter the size depending on the size of the wearer and your own taste. Paint these signs totally red.
  6. When dry, paint “Fresh POPCORN” on each oval using white paint (one is for the front of the costume and the other for the back so you look as good going as you did coming). I did the word “fresh” in cursive writing and the word “popcorn” in a fun, topsy-turvy looking print. Allow to dry. So far, so good, right? The best is yet to come…
  7. The final step is the most fun. Using a glue gun, glue the “Fresh POPCORN” signs to the front and back of the box. Next, continuing with the glue, attach real popcorn to the top of the box around the hole for the head, cascading down the box as you envision an enticing, overflowing box of popcorn would look.

Inevitably, some popcorn will break off when handling the costume, so be generous with your popcorn. I piled it on thickly, gluing popcorn on top of popcorn for a textured look. Of course, if some of the popcorn happens to “land” in your mouth, all the better!

Finally, glue popcorn all over the top of the cap or headband, and you’re all set, ready for festivities of the ghoulish kind!


Easy Kids’ Halloween Costumes

Quick and Easy Ideas For Last-Minute Children’s Costumes

Some kids and their parents have their Halloween Costume ideas well planned and mapped in advance. Others don’t decide to go trick-or-treating until the last minute. If you are scrambling around the night before or the day of to find a Halloween costume that is easy and fun, give these options a try:

Each of these costumes can be put together fairly quickly and easily with items you will already have around the house, and some things that you can pick up at the local hardware store.

Statue of Liberty

While this costume idea might sound quaint, it is actually a visually interesting costume that can be put together with a minimum amount of work.


  • 1 piece of poster board
  • Yellow and Red construction paper or tissue paper
  • 1 old bed sheet
  • 1 can silver spray paint
  • Tape
  • A large book
  • A piece of butcher paper
  • A flashlight


  1. Wrap the large book in the white butcher paper. This is Lady Liberty’s tablet.
  2. Cut the tissue paper or construction paper into a strip with jagged edges. Tape the two colors around the top of the flashlight. This is the torch.
  3. Measure your child’s head just above the ears, and cut the poster board into the crown—at least three inches of overlap works well. Leave the bottom edge smooth, cut the top edge into triangles.
  4. Spray paint the crown silver. Let it dry and then staple or tape it together so that it fits your child’s head.
  5. Spray paint the sheet silver and let it dry.
  6. When it is time to get dressed, Drape the sheet over one shoulder, place the crown on the child’s head and hand her the flashlight and tablet. It works well to wear a gray t-shirt and gray sweatpants under the sheet.


This is potentially the easiest Halloween Costume to throw together quickly. For the foundation, you need either black or yellow pants and a top. Then, cut three circles of about palm size of Red, Green and Yellow construction paper. (If you have more time, you can make fabric circles, but you will need to hem the edges because otherwise they will unravel.) Tape or sew the circles to the shirt. The red circle goes on top, the yellow in the middle and the green on the bottom. (How many of you could remember that before I told you?!?)

At this point, you are finished. If you have an enterprising youngster like myself, you might want to take a dowel and attach it to a hat and hang signs from it like “Wait, Delayed Signal” or “No Turn on Red.”


You can be elaborate or simple when creating a scarecrow. For last-minute costumes, simple is probably better. All you need to make a simple scarecrow costume are a pair of blue jeans, an oversized, old plaid flannel shirt, a straw hat and a stick. It is a nice touch if you have some long grass or straw, too, but it is not necessary. This is one costume that requires no assembly ahead.

Have your child get dressed. Then, if you have some, tuck some straw around the cuffs of the shirt. You can also sew this on so that it does not fall out. Then show the child how to drape their arms over the stick, like a scarecrow. Put the hat on and Voila! A scarecrow. For makeup, you can use lipstick, eye shadow, and eye liner to draw on their faces.

There is no need to panic if your Halloween plans were not made well in advance. These three easy costume ideas will save the Halloween Holiday at the last minute.