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Creating Halloween Tree Decorations

Halloween trees are a fairly new trend in decorating for the Halloween holiday. Like all other things specifically crafted for a holiday, or an event, the miniature ornaments made for the various styles of Halloween trees can be quite expensive. Cost aside, the fashioning of your own decorations for your …

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How to Make Your Own Halloween Tree

In recent years several holiday companies have started producing “Halloween Trees,” complete with lights and decorations. While this may well be simple, rampant commercialism seeking to feed off of our need to consume Halloween products, it is still a great idea 🙂 Money, however, inevitable raises its head, and we …

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The Haunted Merry-Go-Round

Want to make a Halloween decoration that will make your neighbors double take every time? How ‘bout one that even creeps you out from time to time?… I thought you might say that… Let’s get started on the haunted merry-go-round, with ghosts! What you’ll need: Scissors White garbage bags Hanger …

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The Halloween Advent Calendar

For younger children in particular, the long wait until October 31 can be relentless. Try a Halloween Advent calendar to increase the anticipation of the Big Day! As the mother of two children, I am a firm believer in the idea that going with the kids’ excitement, rather than against …

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Halloween Clock – Reincarnated Home Decor

Giving new “life” to tired decor What a better way to create Halloween décor than through REINCARNATION! (Dr. Frankenstein would be proud!) Take some of your old discarded items and bring them “back to life.” This old plastic barometer is about to become a Vintage Style Halloween Clock: After finding …

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