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Make a Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

At my house with small children, we appreciate the whimsical as much as the creepy. It’s always a challenge to find Halloween decorations that fit both these criteria. Here’s one we came up with that was so simple – and so cheap! Using only dollar store items, you can make …

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Home-made Costume Idea: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Face Makeup

A few years back for Halloween, I wanted to make my own costume that was both original and cost effective. By cost effective, I mean cheap. I was a little low on cash, yet bent on creating the most unique Harley Quinn costume imaginable (a super villainess from Batman). Mind …

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Halloween Family Costumes – A Family Affair

Okay. True confession. Yes, I love to be creative and come up with homemade costumes. It makes me feel like Woman, hear me roar. But let there be no mistake! Sometimes, I have to go with store-bought. Gasp. Horrors. Shame. But really, sometimes store-bought looks awesome: As much as I …

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Pop Out this Imaginative Halloween Costume!

  Looking for that perfect Halloween costume you can easily craft at home? The secret is to create a costume that is engaging, somewhat humorous, and very different from the usual fare. We’ve all seen the witches, fairies, and miscellaneous monsters ad nauseum! Creating this costume, however, ensures you will …

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