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2012 Halloween Costume Ideas For $5 or Less

up old man costume for toddler

So you want to dress up this Halloween, or dress your child up without breaking the bank. But you also don’t want to do the simple run of the mill usuals like a ghost, a mummy or an American tourist. Who doesn’t want to be something current for Halloween right? …

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How To Make Your Face Up Like A Zombie

zombie make up

If you know anything about trends in Halloween costumes then you do know that Zombie make-up is hot! Just look at all the Zombie walks that take place all over the world in big cities like Toronto, New York and London. The first thing you need is a clean slate …

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Scary Scars and Wrinkles Made with Collodion

Ok, moms and dads, push the children from the room and close the door. We gotta talk. Done? Good. Look, its about scarring the kids. Not scaring the kids, though that would be fun, but scarring the kids. I’m not calling the Division of Family services; in fact, I want …

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