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How to Haunt Your House – Book Review

How to Haunt Your House By Shawn and Lynne Mitchell Sometimes, just sometimes, a book comes across your altar that makes your hands go clammy, that sets your heart racing, that makes your eyes go bug wide in wonder. How To Haunt Your House is such a book. Its deceptively …

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The Body Part Toss Game

Why do most haunters haunt? Because we have tons of fun doing it! From building spooky props to putting together creepy Halloween costumes. From scaring the pants off trick-or-treaters to rewarding them with handfuls of bravely won candy. Most Halloween haunters find all aspects of home haunting fun!! Why else …

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Scaring Up Supplies on the Cheap

13 tips to take some of the bite out of the cost of home haunting from the lurking lunatics at ScreamingScarecrowStudios You know you are in danger of being labeled a Halloween fiend when you find yourself daydreaming about spending any lottery winnings on a Hollywood-grade, year round haunted attraction! …

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